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80% of 20 = 20*80/100 = 16

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Q: 80 percent of the 20 answers were correct how many were correct?
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Eighty percent of 20 answers were correct. how many were correct?

16 of them.

What 45 percent as a fraction?

There are an infinite number of correct answers. The simplest one is 9/20 .

If 16 out of 20 is correct what percent is that?

16 correct out of 20 questions is 80%

If 20 out of 25 is correct what percent is that?


If 5 out of 20 is correct what percent is that?

It is: 25%

If 11 out of 20 is correct what percent is that?

It is: 55%

How do you figure percentage of answers correct?

Divide the number of correct answers by the total number of answers. If you answered 17 out of 20 questions correctly, 17/20 = 0.85 or 85%

If 6 out of 20 is correct what percent is that?


Is it decrease of 20 per cent or decrease by 20 per cent?

Both are correct, depending on the context. If decrease is a noun then decrease of is correct. eg This year we have seen a decrease of 20 percent. If decrease is a verb then decrease by 20 percent is correct. eg This year we can decrease the price by 20 percent.

Jenny anwsered 80 percent of the 20 questions correct how many did she get right?

16/20 each question is 5% so 4 wrong and 16 correct.

What is 20 percent of 5000 percent?

"percent" means "out of 100"20 percent of 5000 is:20/100 x 5000 = 1000Correct - as far as it goes.But the question was not 20 percent of 5000, it was 20 percent of 5000 percent.So the answer is 1000 percent. And that, in turn, gives the correct answer of 10

What is the correct percentage of bacteria to make you sick?

20 Percent.

Is it true that 20 percent of 50 is 10?

Yes, that is correct.

A farmer had a twenty seek sheep 1 died how many ships farmer hawe left?

20 likes and 20 answers for a correct answer

What is the percent of 20 and equal 6?

6 is 30% of 20. (I have no idea whether that answers your question.)

What is 20.00 minus 10 percent?

There are two potential answers to that. 20 minus the value 10% is 19.90. 20 minus 10 percent of 20 is 18.

There are 20 questions on a test You gain 10 points for each correct answer and lose 5 points for each incorrect answer Someone answers all the questions and gets 125 points How many did they get wron?

5 incorrect answers and 15 correct answers

20 percent of what number is greater than 10?

There are too many answers to count because many numbers are greater than ten.

How many is 20 percent out of 16?

20 percent of 16 is 3.2

What is the percentage if you missed 20 questions out of 70?

71.43%% of incorrect answers = 20/70 * 100% = 28.57%% of correct answers = 100 - 28.57% = 71.43%

A test has 20 questions. Correct answers get +3 and incorrect answers (-1). A student answered 5 questions incorrectly. How many points did the student score?


How many Answers are in an 8 ball?

There are 20 possible answers

What is a correct method for finding 20 percent of any number?

Multiply by 0.20

How many questions can you get wrong on a twenty question test to get 80 percent?

FourTo get 80% correct, then 20% is wrong.All 20 is 100%then 1 is 5% (divide by 20)then 4 is 20% (multiply by 4)

If 14 out of 20 is correct what percent is that?

70 percent. In order to calculate percentages, place the number correct over the total number of questions. 14/20 = .7 Move the decimal to the right two places: .7 = 70 percent.