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It could be a number of things. Is your check engine light on? If so, this might help lead you in the right direction by pulling the codes.

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Q: 93 eagle talon se 5 speed no start with in 20 minutes after driving fueling after 20-40 minutes restarts?
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94 Eagle Vision Tsi Shakes while driving?

you will need a front wheel alignment

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Why would a 91 eagle talon start to miss after 20 minutes of driving?

I had the same issues with my 1995 eagle talon and if you have the battery unhooked, the car takes up to 40 or so miles for everything to reset, ie, air fuel mixture, computer, etc. It gets better the more miles you drive it after it has been unhooked. Also, I had issues with my o2 sensor going bad which caused some hesitation.

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