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Get 52 to be safe.

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Q: 9X12 ft floor and have18X18 inch tiles how many do you need to cover the floor?
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How many 12x12 in tiles covers 9x12 ft?

There are 12 inches in 1 foot so each tile is 1x1 ft. This means nine tiles will fit along nine ft and twelve tiles will fit along twelve ft The area of this would be 9x12 Which is 108 In conclusion 108 12x12 in tiles will cover 9x12 ft

How many 9x12 tiles need for 25 square feet?

1 and 1/3 tiles of 9 x 12 tiles will equal 1 square feet. Therefore, it will take 25 times 1-1/3 tiles or approx. 34 9x12 tiles to tile a 25 square foot area.

How many 9x12 tiles need for 41 square feet?

Please mention the length and width of the room to get 41 sq.feet.after that we can calculate the number of tiles required.

what is 9x12?

9x12 = 108

How many 9x12 tiles need to cover 100 square feet?

It depends on the dimensions used for the tiles. Clearly, one tile that is 9 ft * 12 ft will cover an area of more than 100 square feet. Second, it depends on whether or not the shape you wish to tile is "well-behaved". This will determine what proportion of the tiles will need cutting. Cutting tile will inevitably lead to wastage - unless you want a partial mosaic!

How many full spectrum floor lamps would be needed in a 9x12 room without other lights?

This answer is dependent upon the make and model of the full spectrum floor lamp. A 9x12 room could need one or multiple depending on that information.

What size of an oslo paper?

9x12 9x12

What times what equal's 108?


What is the square root of 9x12?


How much postage for 9x12?


What ir 9x12?

The product is: 108

Where can one purchase 9x12 rugs?

There are many places one can purchase 9x12 rugs. One can look at home retailer stores such as Home Depot or Ikea. Macy's also have 9x12 area rugs for sale.

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