9 yards is in how many feet?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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27 feet (3 feet in each yard).

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27 feet.

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Q: 9 yards is in how many feet?
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How many feet are there in three yards?

There are 9 feet in 3 yards. 3 yards x 3 feet/1 yards = 9 feet 1 yards = 3 feet

How many feet is equivalent to 9 yards?

27 feet is 9 yards. There are three feet in a yard.

How many feet and yards in 29 feet?

9 yards and 2 feet.

How many yards do 9 feet have?

Nine feet is three yards.

9 yards how many feet?

3 feet = 1 yard 9 feet = 3 yards

How many yards do you have if you have 9 feet?

It is 3 yards

How many feet are 3 yards?

9 feet~ one yard is three feet, so three yards is 9 feet (3x3=9)

How many yards are in 9 and half feet?

9.5 feet = 3.16 yards.

You have 9 feet how many yards do you have?

Just divide the number of feet by three to get yards. So, 9/3 = 3 yards.

9 feet by 9 feet dance floor equals how many square yards?

9' x 9' (81 square feet) = 9 square yards.

How many yards 3 feet?

9 feet in 3 yards

How many square yards is needed to cover 9 feet by 9 feet?

9ft by 9ft is the same as 3 yards by 3 yards so the answer is 9 square yards.