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Q: A plant has grown 1 1/2 inches in the last year and is now 8 1/3 inches tall. How tall was it a year ago?
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Austin was 57 and two thirds inches tall on his birthday this year Last year on his birthday he was 55 and a half inches tall How much has he grown in the last year?

173/3 - 55.5 = 13/6 in Given that Austin is 57 and two thirds inches tall on his birthday this year. That is 57 + 2/3 inches = 173/3 inches = 57.67 inches Last year, he was 55 and half inches tall = 55.5 inches. Difference = 57.67 - 55.5 inches. = 2.17 inches Austin has grown 2.17 inches. Source: Austin has grown 2.17 inches beat that suckers!!!!

Lori's plant is 39 inches tall how tall in feet and inches is the plant?

3 feet, 3 inches tall

What if my plant is thirty one inches tall and Sam's plant is fifty three inches tall How much taller is Sam's plant than mine?

22 inches tall

How tall are parakeets?

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How tall can an amaryllis plant grow?

I have one grown taller this year than last year. This year its grown to more than 75 cm

How tall does a house plant get?

Ok, it depends on the plant. If it has long spiked leaves it can grown to two feet tall. If it's an African Violet it grows to about six or seven inches. So, you need to ask again, and tell us the name of the plant.

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18 inches tall

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As tall as a fully-grown man.

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Full grown is 12 inches and baby is bout 1 to 2 inches a kid wood b 6 inches from Danny c

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up to 11 inches

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24 - 43 inches at the shoulder, but average 26 - 38 inches. On their hind legs, they can be about 4 - 7 feet tall.

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18 inches

If an eleven year old boy is 59 inches tall how tall will he be when he is full-grown?

about 80 to 100 pounds

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a full grown sybrian or fancy hamster is about 6/7 inches tall standing up

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Chickens can grow between 12 to 15 inches tall. Chickens grown extremely fast, at 6 weeks old they are almost full grown.

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