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The internal angles of a regular pentagon are 108°.

(If you need proof I like to use external angles, rather than memorizing an internal angle formula: 360°/5 = 72°

=> internal angle = 180°-72° = 108°)

Drawing a line from B to E will form an obtuse Isosceles triangle with A forming the obtuse angle. Angle A is not affected, and remains 108°.

The sum of all the angles of a triangle are equal to 180°, and our triangle is isosceles, so half the remaining amount (after subtracting angle A) is equal to the two acute angles (ABE and BEA).

1/2(180°-108° = 72°)

= 36°

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Can you draw a regular pentagon with one diagonal through that pentagon at any two possible points?

A regular pentagon can always be drawn through any two given points with those two points as any two vertices of the pentagon. (Diagonals of a pentagon connect two vertices which are not next to each other.)

Where are the lines of symmetry for a pentagon?

In a regular pentagon, the lines of symmetry are drawn from each vertex to the midpoint of the edge directly opposite the vertex, so there are five in all.

How do you draw a pentagon with 3 right angles?

First you draw a square. A square has 4 right angles. If you draw a line above one of the right angles and rub out the angle which you have drawn a line above you have a pentagon with 3 right angles.

How many diagonals can be drawn from one vertex of a pentagon?


How many different lines can be drawn if each line contains abcde at least two of these points?

The answer will depend on the relative positions of the points.

Which regular polygon can be drawn using rotations?

A dodecagon is a regular polygon that can be drawn using rotations. These are normally drawn in a Geometer's Sketchpad.

What angle are isometric angles drawn at?

isometric views are drawn at 30 degrees

Can two angles be congruent even though the drawn sides of one angle are longer then the drawn sides of the other angle?

Yes. The side lengths for angle measures don't count.

What quadralaterals have one right angle?

A trapezoid can be drawn with one right angle.

A miter line is drawn at an angle of?


Is it possible to show a drawn animated movie in 3D?

This depends if it is an animated movie, which has been been drawn and animated on a computer, then yes.But if it has been drawn as 2D as a flat image, from a downwards angle, then no.If it has been drawn from an angle then it is slightly possible.

What is auto-graphic projection in tachnical drawing?

In first angle auto graphic projection the planed, view is drawn exactly below the front elevation. What is viewed from the left is drawn from the right side of the front, it is drawn in the 1st angle and 3rd angle.

How many diagonals can be drawn in a 5-sided polygon?

A 5-sided polygon is called a pentagon. You can draw up to 5 diagonals in a pentagon.

What is a square in a right angle?

The square drawn in a right angle simply is to indicate that the angle is, indeed, 90 degrees.

Is a pentagon convex?

A regular pentagon is convex. By taking a regular pentagon and shortening or lengthening one or more sides, an infinite number of possible convex pentagons can be created. A convex polygon is defined as a polygon such that all internal angles are less than or equal to 180 degrees, and a line segment drawn between any two vertices remains inside the polygon. It is possible to have non-convex (concave) pentagons; there are infinite number possible ways to do this, too.

What is different between 1st angle and 3rd angle?

Basically its just where you position the views of the main object, in first angle projection, if you view the object from the left, the view is drawn to the right of the object, in third angle projection, its drawn on the viewing side.

How is a first angle auxiliary plan drawn?


An angle that measures exactly 90 is drawn with a special symbol and is called an angle?

right (apex)

What is a ray that is drawn through the vertex of an angle and divides into two congruent angles?

An angle bisector.

What angle are ' cross-hatch' lines normally drawn?

Cross-hatch lines used in Architectural drawings are normally drawn at a 45 degree angle.

An angle that measures exactly 90 is drawn with a special symbol and is called a angle?

It has usually a red box at the vertex and is called a "right angle."

Can a triangle be drawn with more than one acute angle?

Yes it can.

What is the total interior angle of a regular polygon if 20 triangles can be drawn inside the polygon?

20 triangles will fit into a 22 sided polygon whose interior angles add up to 3600 degrees

When measuring the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction the imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence is called the?


Is it true that every angle has a bisector?

Whether or not the line bisecting it has been drawn, it's true that every angle can be bisected.

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