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The amount saved would be $9.00

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Q: A 45 sweater was on sale for 20 percent off What was the savings in dollars?
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What is the sale price of a sweater that cost 53 dollars but is 30 percent off?

The sale price will be $37.10

A sweater originally priced at 40 is on sale for 30 What percent has the sweater been discounted?


What will the sale price of a 53.00 sweater with 30 percent off?

The sale price is $37.10

How much is ninety percent off of one hundred and twenty four dollars?

A savings of $111.60 and a sale price of $12.40

A sweater costs 50.00 but is on sale for 10 percent off How much will you pay for the sweater?

You will pay $45.00 + tax.

What is the original price of a sweater if the percent of discount is 20 percent and the sale price is 28.40?


A sweater is on sale for 15 percent off of its original priceif the sweater originally cost 47.60 how much is it sale price?

15 % of 47.60 would make the sale price $40.46.

If The price of a sweater was reduced by 50 percent to sell the sweater at the original price by what percentage must the new price be?

Increase the price of the sweater by 100% of it's sale price.

The regular price of a calculator is 15 dollars and 40 cents It goes on sale for 30 percent off theregular price What is the amount of savings on the calculator?


What is the sales price on a sweater that cost 40 and is 25 percent off?

The sale price is $30.00

A stove that costs 695 will be on sale next week for 28 percent off its regular price. What is the amount of savings?

If it is 28 dollars off the regular price, then the sale price will be 695 - 28 = $667. If it is 28 PERCENT off the regular price, then it will be $500.40.

What is 498.00 with a 25 percent discount equal what?

A savings of $124.50 to a sale price of $373.50

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