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symmetric (get it right)

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Q: A Figure that can be folded in half and both parts fit perfectly?
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If a figure can be folded along a line so that both parts match perfectly what is it called?

Is a line of symmetry

Are the cascades folded or faulted?

Both I think.

Is a rectangle cut diagonal line a symmetric figure?

The shape descibed is not a symmetric figure. If it is folded on the diagonal line described, then the corners would stick off the sides. If the question is implying that they want to fold it in a differant way, then it would not be symmetrical because of the line. The line would not be in the place on both sides.

Are Scottish fold cats worth anything if their ears aren't folded?

If your a breeder, than yes. You need a Scottish Fold who's ears aren't folded to mate with one that does have folded ears or if they both had folded there wouldn't be enough cartalich in their kittens ear's and there would be terrible damage to them.

Large cells work better if they?

are both flat/thin and have folded membranes

What is a pamlet?

A pamphlet is an unbound booklet or a folded page printed on both sides.

Is it normal for your bull terrier puppy to only have one erect ear?

yes, that is perfectly normal.when they are first born, both ears are folded down and floppy. but they start to rise and get pointy, it's normal if one straightens before the other. i guarantee the other will follow shortly.

What do folded mountains and volcanic mountain have in common?

Both were probably formed from convergent plate boundaries.

How do you pin your jeans?

Pull the front of your jeans at the bottom, fold them round tightly to the inside of your leg, grip the folded part and the part before the fold pull out but keeping it tight, put the safety pin through both parts and tighten

What is the two dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a 3d figure?

A net.A 2-dimensional pattern that you can fold to make a 3-dimensional figure is called a net.For instance, make a letter 'T' out of 6 squares. The vertical part of the T has 4 squares, and the horizontal part has 3 squares (one square is common to both) . This net can be folded to make a cube.

Can a figure be both a rectangle and a rhombus?

Yes. A figure which is both a rhombus and a rectangle is commonly called a square.

What language does the word diploma come from?

Both Latin and Greek originally meaning 'paper folded double'