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It's 60 divided by 5, Which is 12m/s east. Velocity is a vector for speed, since velocity has a direction and speed does not. Velocity has the SI units of meters per second. So you take the meters and divide by how many seconds to get your velocity.

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Q: A Kangaroo hops 60 m to the east in 5 seconds What is the kangaroo's velocity?
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A kangaroo hops 60 meters to the east in 5 seconds what is the velocity?

12m/s east

A Kangaroo hops 60 m to the east in 5 seconds What is the kangaroo's speed?

the average speed is 12 meters per second. (12m/s)

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The velocity of a car changes from 10 ms to the east to 30 ms to the east in 4 seconds What is the acceleration of the car?

Average acceleration = (amount of change in speed velocity) / (time for the change) = (30 - 10) / (4) = 5 meters per second2 to the east

A car travels 4500m east in 5 seconds what is the cars average velocity?

900 m/s velocity=meters/sec v=4500/5=900

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Beth walked to the school in 80 seconds from a position 100 m west of the school. What was her velocity?

1.3 m/s east

Why do kangaroos like eastern Australia?

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What is the kangaroo's velocity if he hops 60 miles to the east in 5 seconds?

60 miles in 5 seconds equals 12 miles per second. 12 x 60 =720 miles per minute. 720 miles per minute x 60 minutes per hour = 43,200 miles per hour, which is not physically possible for any living creature (mach 56).

What is the average velocity of an object that travels 6 meters north in 2 seconds and then travels 3 meters east in 1 second?

3.00 m/s

What is an objects velocity?

Velocity is speed with a direction. For Example 30 Miles/hour East would be velocity.

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