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Q: A angle that is 120 degrees and two sides congruent?
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All of the angles in a hexagon are congruent what is the measure of each angle?

120 degrees.

Is a 60 degrees angle and a 120 degrees angle congruent?

No. "Congruent" things are equal, identical, same, twin, indistinguishable, able to substitute for each other. Our staff points out that there is some difference between 60 and 120.

What is a angle for a hexagon for all sides?

120 degrees.

How many sides does a polygon with an interior angle measure of 120 degrees have?

A regular polygon having an interior angle of 120 degrees will have 6 sides and is called an hexagon.

If the measure of an exterior angle of a polygon is 120 degrees how many sides does the polygon have?

well if its 120 degrees it must have 3 sides

What is the interior angle of a polygon that has 120 sides?

Exterior angle = 360/120 = 3 degrees. So interior angle = 180-3 = 177 degrees.

A polygon has interior angle 120 degrees how many sides has it?

If its a regular polygon and each inside angle is 120 degrees then it is a 6 sided hexagon

What is the measures of an interior angle and an exterior angle of a regular polygon with 6 sides?

Interior angle = 120 degrees Exterior angle = 60 degrees

What is the name for a quadrilateral that has 4 equal sides and interior angle measures of 120 degrees 60 degrees 120 degrees and 60 degrees?


Are the supplements of a complementary angle congruent?

No. For example 30 and 60 degrees are complementary angles. Their supplementary partners are 150 and 120 degrees.

How many sides would a regular polygon have if each interior angle are equal to 120 degrees?

360/120=number of sides. There are 3 sides.

If any two sides and any angle are congruent in two triangles then the triangles must be congruent.?

No. The angles must be an included angle, between the sides to guarantee congruence. For an example. imagine a triangle with two equal sides and a 60 degree angle between them and another triangle with the same two equal sides and a 120 degree angle between them.