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Q: A baseball bat is on sale for 30.00 It has been discounted at half off What was the original price of the bat?
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If you have a computer that costs 3000 but is selling for 20 percent off How much is the discounted price?

The discounted price will be $2,400.00

Bought something for 600 dollars and it was 80 percent off What is the orignial price?

IThe original price was reduced by 80% and the item cost $600. therefore $600 must be 20% of the original price. Therefore half of it, which is $300, would be 10% of the original price. This means that the original price was $3000.

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The first Ford 3000 was sold in 1968. It is a tractor and runs on diesel. The Ford 3000 model was sold from 1968 until 1975. the original 1968 price was $6,300.

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Around £3000

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The initial price will be about $3000.

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psp 3000 totally

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Emily grace

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