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Q: A baseball manager has 12 players of the same ability How many 9 player starting lineups can he create?
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A manager of a softball team needs to prepare a batting lineup using her 9 starting players How many different lineups can she make?

She can make 9! or 362880 lineups.

How many different batting lineups can a manager make with nine batters?


How do you make a college baseball team as a walk-on?

Wow the manager and coaches of your'e playing ability.

What can a manager do to get a compatible ability-job fit?

What can a manager do to get a compatible ability-job fit?"what

How many different batting lineups can a manager make with thirteen batters?

The number of permutations of 13 things taken 13 at a time is 13 factorial, or 6,227,020,800.

What are manager skills?

Some relationship management skills include the ability to negotiate, the ability to communicate and the ability to be direct. With these skills you can easily manager your relationship with your customers.

Total number of players on both teams in a baseball game?

In the lineups, a total of 18 players could be playing in a baseball game (2 pitchers, catchers, first basemen, second basemen, third basemen, shortstop and 6 outfielders). Off the field one team could have up to 40 players, 1 manager and 6 coaches.

What types of leadership traits should you look for in a manager applicant?

The leadership traits that you should look for in a manager applicant are a strong personality, punctuality,the ability to multi-task, the ability to negotiate and the ability to handle people.

What does mr mean in baseball?

MR or MGR in Baseball means "manager."

How much does a office operation manager earn per year?

It simply depends on the organisation and the manager's ability.

When was Jim Price - baseball manager - born?

Jim Price - baseball manager - was born on 1847-08-20.

When did Jim Price - baseball manager - die?

Jim Price - baseball manager - died on 1925-10-24.