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Fraction of games won: 7/12

Fraction of gams lost: 5/12

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Q: A baseball team wins 7 games and lost 5 games what fraction of the games did they win and lose?
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Team lost 4 of 15 games. what fraction of its games did team lose?

It lost 4/15, of course!

Which baseball pitcher did not lose more games than he won?

Which pitcher? There have been MANY pitchers that have won more games than they lost.

A baseball team has played 7 games so far this season the team won 2 games what fraction of its games has the team lost simplify?

7 games total minus the 2 games that the team has won equals 5 games. Since the team has played 7 and won 2, that means they have lost 5 games. Therefore, the fraction of the games the team has lost is 5/7 because 5 is the games lost and 7 is the total number of games played.

Did Lou Gehrig lose any games?

Yes. Lou Gehrig, like every other baseball player, has lost games during the season. He was a first baseman and part of a team.

If i played 139 games and i won 89 games how many games did i lose?

you lost or tied 50

The blue skies won 17 more games than they lost They played 52 games in all and had 3 ties How many games did they lose?

they lost 17 games

Is there going to be more NCAA baseball video games?

Odds are no. Because they have lost popularity, MLB games are coming out, and college baseball has lost popularity .

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How many games did the New Orleans Saints lose in 2009?

The Saints lost 3 games in the 2009 season.

Did the Tigers ever lose a game?

Yes, the Detroit Tigers have lost a few of their games.

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Max lost 1/10 of his weight.

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