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it wa on the ground

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Q: A boy fell of a 100 meter ladder why didn't he get hurt?
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A boy fell off a 100 foot ladder But he did not get hurt Why?

Becasue the ladder was laying down.

Can anyone supply me with information on Stepladder Accidents or collapsed or bent stepladders?

Listen Fellow, Your question is too open-ended. Stepladders are accident prone by there very nature. However, if a stepladder is defective or damaged- resulting in an accident that is a completely different matter, from a liability perspective. In other words, if someone gets hurt on a ladder that has been damaged by abuse, for instance being run over by a truck, that can hardly be blamed on the manufacturer. On the other hand if the ladder has not been abused but fails due to a manufacturer's defect, that is a completely different situation. Yet another scenario is that an employee is forced to use a defective ladder that the employer should have repaired or replaced. If you spend the time to elaborate on the circumstances, you will likely receive more cooperation in helping you find the information you seek. Don't be lazy! Cheers!

What does te duelen los pies mean?

It means, literally, "Your feet hurt you". As a question, this would come out as "do your feet hurt?" As a statement, "your feet hurt."

How can you jump off a ladder that is 100 ft in the air and land on concrete ground and not get hurt?

before you attempt this try jumping off smaller ladders like 6 foot ones to get comfortable then maybe a 12 footer. I'm currently working on doing 120 foot ladders but that's after lots of experience and practice. don't fret though, I remember thinking it was not possible too.

How do you call a person who likes to hurt people?

A person who likes to hurt others is called a sadist.A masochist is a person who enjoys hurting themselves

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A boy fell off a 100 foot ladder But he did not get hurt Why?

Becasue the ladder was laying down.

How do you make up a sentence using hurt?

The child fell down from the ladder and got hurt badly.

A girl fell off a 50-foot ladder but didn’t get hurt. How come?

She fell off the bottom step

When did going under a ladder become bad luck?

although going under a ladder isn't bad luck, probally someone who was walking under a ladder probally got hurt or killed walking under a ladder when something fell on him from a worker on the ladder

If you fell on your arm and it hurt for a month but didnt go to the doctors could your arm be broken?


How did static major get hurt?

He didnt get hurt , he had a illness and he didnt know about it .

Would you die if you fell 500 meters?

Depends on whether you are being slowed down by something or not. Falling with the aid of a fully deployed parachute shouldn't hurt. You also will not die if you fell from 501 meter building - after that last meter is a different story.

How do you respond to someone when they say but i hurt you didnt i?

no you didnt

If a guy fell for you but you didnt notice until he has given up on you what would you do and you kinda liked him all along too?

Send him a card and tell him how you feel, it couldn't hurt.

How was Candace hurt?

she fell on her nose

How much does tongue piercing hurt?

OKaii well for me it didnt hurt at all !!

Is the sentence peter hurt his knee when he fell last week correct?

"Peter hurt his knee when he fell last week" is correct.