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brother has as many sisters so more than one sister so sister be two,a brother has as many brothers as sisters so brother should be more than two ,so three brothers.therefore totalmembers in the family is 1(brother)+3(brothers)+1(sister)+2(sisters)=4(brothers)+3(sisters)

He has 1 brother and one sister 1+1 =2

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Q: A brother has as many brothers as sisters but a sister has as half as many sisters as brothers How many boys and girls is their in total?
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You have as many brothers as sisters your brothers have twice as many sisters as brothers?

This is a logic puzzle. YOU are part of the puzzle, so you have equal brothers and sisters. Your brothers have twice as many sisters (meaning you) as they have brothers. So if you have one brother and one sister, they are equal. But if your brother has two sisters, he has twice as many sisters as brothers, right? It doesn't say that he HAS brothers, just that he has twice as many sisters as brothers. So you have a brother and a sister, but your brother has two sisters. Three kids, two girls and one boy.

How many brothers did Hitler have were they girls or boys?

Hitler had 3 brothers, Gustav, Otto and Edmund, and 2 sisters, Paula and Ida, as well as a step-brother, Alois and a step-sister, Angela. All of Hitler's brothers were boys.

Who was Jesus brother's and sister's?

Jesus' half brothers were named James (the less) and Joses and Judas and Simon. Scripture says that he had half-sisters, but it does not give their names

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Rachel has 6 more brothers then she has sisters but her brother Ryan has 4 more sisters if there are fewer then 10 children in the family how many boys and girls are there?

4 sisters and 6 brothers

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Miley Cyrus has 5 siblings. They are: Brandi Cyrus (Miley's half-sister), Trace Cyrus (Miley's half-brother), Christopher Cody Cyrus (Miley's "secret" half-brother), Braison Cyrus (Miley's brother), and Noah Cyrus (Miley's sister).

If your youngest sister has the same number of brothers and sisters and her oldest brother has twice as many sisters as brothers how many kids are in the family?

Let the number of sisters be s and the number of brothers b. We must remember to bear in mind that no one is their own brother or sister! 'The youngest sister has the exact same number of brothers and sisters.' Therefore: s - 1 = b 'Her oldest brother has twice as many sisters as brothers.' So: 2(b - 1) = s 2b - 2 = s Subtracting 1 from each side: 2b - 3 = s - 1 But s - 1 = b, so 2b - 3 = b b - 3 = 0 b = 3 And from above, s = 4. Thus there are seven siblings altogether; Four girls, 3 boys.

Jane has two more brothers than she has sisters Her brother Charles has the same number of sisters as he has brother how many girls and boys are there Hint fewer than 10 total?


Why they are called seven sisters not seven brothers?

because they look like girls but their is one brother on an island next to them.

Does Jay-Z have brothers or sisters?

Yes, he was the youngest of four children. He has 2 sisters, and 1 brother.

A boy named Jason has a sister named Jennifer Jason has as many brothers as sisters Jennifer has twice as many brothers as sisters How many boys and how many girls are in their family?

2 boys, one girl

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Bros before hoes even if she is your sister, girls grow to think that the world is hers, males don'like that