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a biuld up area such as a town or a city

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Q: A built up area such as a town or city?
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How far can you walk on the Sabbath?

Within the town or city, as long as the built-up area is contiguous, there is no limit. Outside of city limits (that is, from the point that the built-up area stops), the halakhic (Torah) limit is two thousand cubits (about 3000 feet or one kilometer).

What is the populaiton of an urban communiy?

It depends on the community concerned. These can be any town, city or built up area. Is there one in particular you need info on?

Why is New York City an Urban community?

This would be because it has an urban lifestyle. Urban means built-up area of buildings such as a town or city. Rural would be the lifestyle outside those built-up areas, such as where open fields and grasslands exist.

What is a shantytown?

--noun1.a section, as of a city or town, characterized by shanties and crudely built houses. 2.a whole town or city that is chiefly made up of shanty-like houses.

Area relating to a city?

A neighborhood is an area relating to a city. A town or city is made up of areas that can include districts, locales, communities, or quarters.

What does rural area mean?

A non built up area, such as in the countryside. Not in a city or the suburbs. The opposite of rural is urban.

What is the Difference between built up area and floor area?

Built up area is the area which has been developed.and floor area is the area which is about to built or about to develope.

What is the capital city of Zhongguo in china?

Zhongguo is another name for China. The largest city by built up area is Guangzhou. The largest city by urban area is Shanghai. The largest city by population is Shanghai.

What area of London did N-Dubz famously grow up in?

Camden Town in the City North London

What is agglomeration economists?

for large urban clusters where the built-up zones of influence of distinct cities or towns are connected by continuous built-up development , even in different regions, states or countries. Each city or town in a conurbation may nevertheless continue to act as an independent focus for a substantial part of the area.

What is the meaning of a plaka?

Plaka is a historical town which is located in Athens, Greece. It is built atop of the city, and is often referred as the Neighbourhood of the Gods for being built so high up.

What does a rural areas mean?

A non built up area, such as in the countryside. Not in a city or the suburbs. The opposite of rural is urban.