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First there's 48 passengers so write down


Then x passengers get off and 3 get on which makes


Then half the passengers get off and 7 get on with 22 passengers left on the bus which makes


----------- + 7 = 22


Now we minus 7 from both sides which makes


----------- = 15


Then we times by 2 on both sides which makes

(48-x+3) = 30

Now we just solve it like this

51-x = 30

-x = -21

x = 21

I hope this have helped :)

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let the number of passengers that get off at the first stop be x

Passengers left after the first stop will be (48-x)+3 =51-x

passengers left after second stop


now we are told there are 22 passengers on board


1/2(51-x)+7=22 multiply both side by 2 to get

51-x+14=44 collect like terms


x=21 passengers

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Q: A bus traveling with 48 passengers When it arrives at a stop X passengers get off and 3 get on At the next stop half passengers get off and 7 get on There are now 22 passengers Find X?
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