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7 boys

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2011-03-21 13:59:34
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Q: A ceramics class has 75 percent girls and 25 percent boys.There are 21 girls in the class. How many boys are there in the class?
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A class has 12 boys and 18 girls. What percent of the students in the class are girls?


In a class there are 18 girls and 12 boys what percent of the class is boys?

60% of the class

In one class 46 percent of students are girls and 58 percent are boys how many girls and how many boys in the class?

It is not opssible to give a sensible answer to this question. 46+58 = 104. So if the class has 46% girls and 58% boys then the class has 4% who are simultaneously girls and boys.

How many girls are in the class room if 60 percent of 30 students in the class were girls?

17. There should be 18, but one has gone to the toilet.

467student in a class 350 are girls how many percentage are boys?

twenty five percent

How many students wear glasses in a class of 20 students where 40 percent are boys and 25 percent of the boys and 50 percent of the girls wear glasses?

There are 8 boys and 12 girls and 8 students with glasses.

What percent of a 30-student class are girls if 8 of the student are boys?


What would be the ratio of boys to girls if there are 24 girls in a class of 65?

Two ways to look at it: 65 - 24 = 41, or 24 girls to 41 boys (ratio is 24:41). Or you could show the percentage of the girls in the class by using fraction and converting to decimal or percent: 24/65 of the class are girls. Divide 24 by 65 to set it up as a decimal and then as percent. 24/65 = 0.3692307 (round off to 0.37) which would be 37%.

There are three times more girls in the class than boys. There are 24 students in the class. How many girls are in the class?

There are 18 girls and 6 boys in the class of 24 students

What percent of girls have kissed girls?


If 30 percent of a class consists of boys and there are 49 girls how many boys are there?

There are 21 boys. Boys = 30% Girls = 70% = 49 40/.7 = 70 70 - 49 = 21

In a class there are 18 boys and 7 girls What fraction of the class are girls?

Divide the number of girls by the total number of children (boys + girls).

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