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60 mph = 1 mile per minute

Halfway around a 2-mile track is a distance of 1 mile.

It would take the cheetah 1 minute to run 1 mile at 60 mph.

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Q: A cheetah is able to run 60 mph If it could maintain that speed how long would it take to run halfway around a two-mile track?
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If a cheetah travels 100 meters in 6.13 seconds How many MPH is that?

I watched the video of that super fast cheetah too - and also thought that it would be somewhere around 60 to 70 mph... Someone said that was only 36.5 mph, but I had to do the math to see if it's right... I was surprised really...Here's how I did my math and I am not really into math so anyone please correct me if I'm wrong...There are 1,609.344 meters in a mile... so, if you divide that by 100 meters, you get 16.09 units of measure that he would have run if he had run a mile...If it took him 6.13 seconds to do 100 meters, then it would have taken him 16.09 units of measure times 6.13 to run a mile... That comes out to 98.63 seconds to run one mile...Since there are 3600 seconds in an hour, then if we divide 3600 by 98.63, we should get the number of miles per hour the cheetah can run. That comes out to 36.5 mph...Someone please check my logic an math! I thought cheetahs could do 60 to 70...------The 36.5mph is the average speed.My assumption is that it takes a couple seconds to reach maximum speed for a cheetah, and a cheetah can only obtain it's peak speed for a few seconds before slowing down.Timeline:0s - 0mph1s - 10mph2s - 30mph3s - 60mph4s - 75mph5s - 75mph6s - 75mphA cheetah can hold it's top speed for almost a minute.-------Yes - good point - this is an average. I didn't realize that this was a 100 meter dash... So, perhaps cheetah's top speed is 60 to 70...100 meters/6.13 seconds (1 mile/1609 meters)(3600 seconds/1 hour)= 36.5 miles per hourdouble checks. logic and math OK.

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