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The formula for finding the volume of a cylinder is pi multiplied by radius squared multiplied by the height. So for this case it would be pi multiplied by 6 squared multiplied by 7.5. But since you want it when it is HALF full, you would divide by two, so the answer would be 135 multiplied by pi, or around 424 metres squared of water.

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Q: A circular tank is 12m in diameter and 7.5 m in height how much water does it hold when half full?
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A circular tank is 12 meter in diameter and 7.5 meter in height how much water does it hold when half full?

A circular tank is 12 meter in diameter and 7.5 meter in height. how much water does it hold when half full?

How much pressure in a 100 mm diameter vertical pipe with 40 meters height?

It depends on whether the pipe is open or closed and what it contains. If the pipe is full of water to a height of 40 m and open at the top, the pressure at the bottom is about 57 psig. The diameter doesn't matter.

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If you have 4000 linear feet of 8 inch water pipe how much water will it hold full?

Assuming: an 8 inch inside diameter, 1 gallon of water weighs 8.345404 pounds, 231 cubic inches of water to the gallon, volume of cylinder = Pi * radius^2 * height volume=3.14 * 4^2 * (4000 * 12) volume = 3.14 * 16 * 48,000 = 2,411,520 cubic inches 2,411,520 cubic inches of water when full. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A 4000 foot cylinder/pipe with an 8 inch inside diameter, if full of water, will contain 10,439.48 gallons of water weighing a total of 87,121.68 pounds or 43.56 tons.

A spherical water tank has diameter of 10 feet how much water does it hold when half full?


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A cylindrical water container is 1.2 meters high and has a diameter of 4.6 meters Approximately how many cubic meters of water will the container hold when it is half full?


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How much water is in a tank with 7 feet in diameter and 15 feet high if the tank is 55 percent full?

Roughly 317.5 feet squared.

What is the pressure of 2250 gallons of water in a tank size 10'x 5'x 6'?

If the height is 10' and the tank is full of water, you would have 4.33 lbs.

How do you figure out the weight of water in tank when full?

For a round tank you must find the volume of the tank - V (cubic ft) = pi x radius squared x the depth or height of the tank. The radius and the depth are in feet. Next take the volume x 7.47 = Gallons of water in the tank The weight of the tank is the weight of the water x 8.4 example: A water tank that is 2 ft. in diameter and has a height of 5 ft. The radius is 1/2 of the diameter. V = 3.1416 x 1 x 5 = 15.708 15.708 x 7.47 = 117.34 117.34 x 8.4 = 986# approx.

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The Answers community requested more information for this question. Please edit your question to include more context. You need to specify the units for the inside diameter.

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How many gallons of water for a pool that is 13 ft diameter and 3 ft 6 in deep?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) (radius)2 (height)Radius = 6.5-ftHeight = 3-ft 6-in = 3.5-ftVolume = (pi) (6.5)2 (3.5) = 464.56 cubic feet = 3,475 gallons full to the brim.