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Q: A diver shines light up to the surface of a smooth pond at a 10 degree angle some light passes into the air above and the part that reflects back into the water makes an angle of how many degrees?
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Why don't the moon shine through a solar eclipse?

The moon only apears to shine because it reflects sunlight from its surface. During a solar eclipse the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so the sunlight reflects off the surface of the moon which is not visible from Earth.

What is the degree of latitude that passes through the center of Indiana?

Indiana extends from (just south of) 38 degrees north to (just south of) 42 degrees north. The full degree latitude closest to the midpoint is 40 degrees north.

Through which four South American countries does the 20 degree south line of latitude pass?

Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay are the four South American countries through which the 20 degree south line of latitude passes. The 20 degree south line of latitude is 20 degrees south of the equator. It's called the 20th parallel south.One, it passes through Chile at 20 degrees South latitude and 70 degrees 7 minutes West longitude.Two, it passes through Boliva twice, at 20 degrees South latitude and 68 degrees 33 minutes West longitude; and at 20 degrees South latitude and 58 degrees 10 minuts West longitude.Three, it passes through Paraguay at 20 degrees South latitude and 61 degrees 53 minutes West longitude.Four, it passes through Brazil at 20 degrees South latitude and 57 degrees 52 minutes West longitude.

Why is the ray passing through centre of curvature reflects along the same path?

Because a ray that passes through the center of curvature falls perpendicular to the surface (along a normal to the surface), hence it is reflected along the same path.

Is Ecuador located near 0 degrees latitude?

Yes. In fact, the 0 degree latitude line, or the equator, passes through Ecuador.

What line of latitude passes through SOUTH AFRICA?

The lines that pass through the USA are 30 and 40 degree lines

What is the name of the imaginary line at 0 degrees longitude which passes through GreenwichEngland?

It is the "Prime Meridian" or the "0 degree Meridian" which is the basis for calculating time in most of the world.

What continents does the 20 degrees S line of latitude pass through?

The parallel of 20° north latitude crosses North America, Africa, and Asia.The parallel of 20° south latitude crosses South America, Africa, and Australia.

How many degress does the minute hand move every second.Explain?

It moves 0.1 degrees per second. There are 360 degrees in a full circle - so, every minute that passes, the hand moves six degrees. Thus, every second, the hand moves one tenth of a degree (6 degrees divided by 60).

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The 47 degree S line of latitude passes south of Tasmania, so the nearest city would be Hobart. South East Cape is the southern most point of Australia at 43.39 degrees S latitude.

What happens when light passes through a substance near 0 degrees Kelvin?

When light passes through a substance near 0 degrees Kelvin, it bends and becomes deformed.

What passes through the US and Africa?

60 degrees north