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50' x 50'

and its spelled dimension not demension

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Q: A dog owner has 200 ft of fencing and wants to enclose the greatest possible rectangular area for her dog what demension should she use?
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If you have 34 feet of fence to enclose a rectangular garden You want the length of each side to be a whole number What dimensions of the garden enclose the greatest area?


What is the greatest rectangular are you can completely enclose with 100 feet of fencing?

That would probably be a 25x25 square with an area of 625 square feet.

What is the greatest rectangular area you can completely enclose with 100 feet of fencing?

625 square feet.. the area would be a square rectangle with 25 feet of fencing on each side.

What is the maximum area you can enclose with 100ft of fence for a rectangular garden?

625 sq feet.

Corinda has 400 feet of fencing to make a play area She wants the fenced area to be rectangular What dimensions should she use in order to enclose the maximum possible area?

I got no clue.

How many meters of fencing are needed to enclose an 84-meter by 48-meter rectangular garden?


What is the total length in yards of fencing needed to enclose a rectangular area 1152 feet by 96 feet?

832 yards

If you have 40 feet of fencing to put around a garden what are the dimensions of the largest rectangular garden he can enclose?

What do you mean by "largest" ??? Do you want the widest rectangle ? The longest rectangle ? How about the rectangle with the most area ? The length can be anything less than 20 ft, and the width can be anything less than 20 ft. Any of those shapes will have an area greater than zero. The rectangular garden with the greatest possible area is a square, 10 ft x 10 ft. Its area is 100 square feet.

How long is an acre that is 150 feet wide?

A rectangular lot that's 150-ft wide has to be 290.4-ftlongin order to enclose exactly 1 acre.

What is the linear dimentions of 40 acres?

You can't tell the linear dimensions from the area. There are an infinite number of shapes that all enclose 40 acres but have different linear dimensions. The smallest possible straight dimensions that can enclose 40 acres occur if the field is square. Each side would be 1,320 feet, and you'd need exactly 1 mile of fence to enclose it. But if some developer owned a rectangular piece of land that was 330-ft wide and 1 mile long, his land would also measure 40 acres, but it would take 2-1/4 miles of fence to enclose it.

What is the proper grammar you enclose or you have enclosed?


What is sentence for ENCLOSE?

He will enclose you in this box.I always enclose my notes in an envelop.

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