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493 x 0.3=147.9 acres.

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Q: A farmer has 493 acres to plant If 30 percent of the fields are to be planted in corn and estimate the number of acres of corn?
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How do you write the possessive of settlers fields were planted?

The correct sentence is: 'The settlers' fields were planted.'

How do carabaos help the farmer?

They can plow fields.

What is a word for Milks the cows and plows the fields?

A Farmer.

What position did men have in slavery?

They mostly worked in the fields and planted crops

What happens if a farmer who is not growing a GMO crop has his fields contaminated by pollen and seeds from his neighbors?

If a farmer who is growing a non-GMO crop has his fields contaminated by GMO pollen and seeds from his neighbor, the fields are just contaminated, even if the farmer is growing organically. The farmer has no recourse, but companies who hold the patents to GMOs have been known to sue farmers whose fields have been found to have GMOs in them.

What did ancient Chinese farmer do to stop their fields from flooding?


What did farmers do in ancient Egypt?

they planted, harvest, and brought the crops back from the fields.

When were the fields planted in ancient Egypt?

as soon as the Nile River stopped flooding.

What are the benefits of crop rotation?

One of the main benefits of crop rotation is that a farmer is able to keep crops planted in their fields continuously. It can improve the structure of the soil, reduce the build-up of pests and pathogens, and improve the fertility of the soil.

Why did the farmer bury all his money in his fields?

to grow money crops

What is an example of coerced labor?

A farmer forces people to work in the fields.

What did habitants do for a living?

they worked for the seigneur working the fields,normally planted vegetables and grain.

What does bogota mean in Spanish?

Bogotá was originally named Bacatá, which means planted fields.

What do you call a successful farmer?

you call a successful farmer a farmer that keeps the farm animals feed and the fields mowed and fertilized. and one that keeps crops growing big and strong.

The agricultural method in which large fields are planted with a single crop year after year?

This is called monoculture.

Where was the Pilgrims food grown?

The Pilgrims planted their crops in fields just outside the town they built.

What is the daily life like for the native Americans?

they farmed cooked harvested planted and cleared Fields

Can the estranged wife of a farmer enter into a contract concerning use of the farmer's fields without the husband's signature when the deed is in both names?

Simple answer is no.

Why do farmers burn fields?

Well the reason why farmers burn fields are so it will kill all the old growth like weeds and stuff they have planted before.

How could you describe a farmer who does not want to use oxen to plow his fields?

pro tractor

What is a method of farming in which large fields are cleared and planted with a single crop year after year?

This is called monoculture.

What did the Israelites do with their conquered land?

They built homes for their families and pens for their flocks and herds, and then they planted fields of crops.

How is rice planted?

Rice is planted in paddy fields* it is a semi-aquatic plant and its roots only extract nutrients.Rice is planted by humans all over the world but mostly in Asia, America and Australia.*a Paddy field is a flooded area of land

What actors and actresses appeared in Summer in the Fields - 1967?

The cast of Summer in the Fields - 1967 includes: Thomas Rap as Ferryman Will Van Selst as Farmer

What is the name of the agricultural practice in which large fields are planted with a single crop year after year?

Crop monoculture is the name of the agricultural practice in which large fields are planted with a single crop year after year. Although this has its advantages, it also has disadvantages like the eventual diminishing of nutrients in the soil.