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A foot is a unit of length, equivalent to 0.3048 meters.

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A unit of measurement fior storage space is a?

Square foot or cubic foot.

What is a basic unit of measurement?

Inch, centimeter, foot, etc...

How many foot in one canal?

There is no such unit of measurement as a canal.

How do you convert a cubic foot into inches?

ANSWER You can't convert measurement unit of volume to measurement unit of length. But if you mean cubic inches - 1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inch

What does the poetic term foot mean?

The basic unit of measurement in rhythm.

Which of these is both the name of a unit of measurement and a part of the human body?


What unit of measurement is used to measure the height of a door?


How many feet makes a square feet?

it's not an amount of feet. a square foot is a square, that is a foot by a foot. A foot is a unit of measurement. A square foot is also a unit of measurement. Whenever you measure a length, such as with a tape measure, you are measuring in feet. If you are measuring the area of a shape, you are measuring in square feet.

What unit is a ft in?

Linear. Inch, foot .yard etc Units of measurement.

What is a unit of measurement that is one seventy-secondth of a foot?

The typographic unit pica is equal to 1/72 foot.Also 1 pica is 4,23333 mm.

What is foot per second squared?

It is a unit of measurement of acceleration in the old imperial system.

What is a foot?

A foot is 12" or 1/3 of a yard or 304.8 mm or .... it's a unit of measurement ok.foot is the lower most organ of our body:)

What is the measurement for 5 inches equals 1 foot?

By unit of length and mass and conversion ,we can say that 1 foot =12 in 5 in =0.416 foot

Around the time of the Roman Empire what was the length of a foot based on?

Legend says that the Greek unit of a foot was based on an actual measurement of Hercules' foot.

How much is a square feet?

A square foot is a common American unit of measurement. A square foot is equal to 144 square inches.

Is Foot 'unit of measurement' in the metric system?

No, Foot belongs to the Imperial and US customary units (according to Wikipedia)

What is marla?

In the traditional world Marla is a unit of area. In modern world square feet, inches ,foot are used as a measurement unit.

Give two examples of common units for measurements?

There are many different units of measurement. A foot is a standard unit of measurement for length. A cubic meter is a metric measurement of volume.

What the measurement to specified unit 32 inche to feet?

32 inches / 12 inches/foot = 2 8/12 foot = 2 2/3 foot

Are feet considered a unit conversion or unit of measurement?

unit of measurement

What is the deffinion of precision?

the answer is Exact or accurate smaller the unit or fraction of a unit used in measuring more precise than a measurement to the nearest foot

Is a pencil a unit of measurement?

No, a pencil is not a unit of measurement.

WHAT IS KGA in unit of measurement?

what is KGA in unit of a measurement

What is the unit of measurement for forcr?

The unit of measurement of force is 'Newton'

What are the basic unit of measurement?

the basic unit of measurement of a capacitor is

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