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a value formula

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Q: A formula that will add up a column of numbers?
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Errors in excel sheets values as Value?

If you get #VALUE coming up in a cell where you have put a formula, it normally indicates that something in your formula is referencing something that is not a number. So for example, you cannot add text to numbers, as it is mathematically impossible. If you have a heading at the top of a column of values that you want to add up, and include the cell with the heading in the formula as well as the numbers, you will get the #VALUE error. Carefully check the formula and make sure the cells it references do not have text in them.

What is A formula that adds up a series of numbers in a column or a row?

Type... =SUM( ...into the box you want the answer to appear in. Click and drag from the first number yo want to add up, to the last number you want to add in that column/row and then close the brackets and hit enter so you might end up with something that looks like this... =SUM(B9:B23)

How do you solve a mean?

Add up all the numbers, divide the total by how many numbers there were. that is the formula for mean.

How do you copy a column of numbers from Excel that are calculated with a formula?

Highlight the column of numbers. Copy with either the menu selection or ctrl-c. Go to where you want to paste the column. Go to the menu selection Paste Special. A box will pop up, select Values.

In Excel how do you add 50 to a number in each cell?

If you wanted to just change the original cells and add 50 to them, then first type 50 into a blank cell. Then copy it. Then select the cells you want to add 50 to. Go to Paste Special and pick the Add option. 50 will be added to all the selected cells, replacing their original values with that value plus 50. That is the simplest way.Another way to add a number to the value in each cell of a column is to insert another column. If your original values are in C2:C26 you can enter the following formula in D2 (=C2+50), then copy the formula to D3:D26.To clean up the worksheet, you have a couple of options:Hide column C and view the numbers in column D.Copy column D, then paste values into column C. This will change the values of column C to the +50 values, and also increase column D by an additional +50. When you are satisfied with your numbers in column C, delete column D and you will be back where you started, except your values in column C will be +50 from the original values.

130.40 - 129.60 equals?


A fast way to add up this column of numbers is to click in the cell below the numbers and then what?

click the auto-sum button on the menu

How can you fill in a square using the numbers 1-9 having each row and column add up to the same sum?


What is the rules adding decimal?

Line up the decimal points in a vertical column. Then add the numbers while ignoring the decimal point. Finally, put a decimal point in the answer in the same column as for the summands.

What are the rules in adding decimal numbers?

If there are any numbers which are integers and so do not have a decimal point, then append one at the extreme right. Then arrange all the numbers in a column, with their decimal points aligned. Ad up the numbers ignoring the decimal points entirely. In the answer insert a decimal point under the column of decimal points.

What two numbers add up to -20 but multiple -60?


Why do you line up the decimal when adding or subtracting decimal numbers?

Yes, When Adding and Subtracting decimals you should line up the decimals. You need to keep each place value in the same column, the same as when you add whole numbers you keep the ones column lined up, same for the tens, etc. Lining up the decimal points makes sure that the tenths column is kept together, same for the hundredths, and so on.