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20 %

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Q: A fruit seller sells 5 apples at the cost price of 6 apples find his profit percent?
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Are apples a type of fruit?

Yes apples are fruit.

Are apples vegetables?

Apples are a fruit.

Why are apples a better fruit than oranges?

apples have more fiber in the fruit than oranges

What kind a fruit lives in Virginia?

Apples.... Some other fruit as well, but mainly apples

What is the collective noun of apples?

Collective nouns for apples are a bushel of apples, a pie-full of apples.

Paul asked 200 people what their favorite fruit was. 80 said bananas, 95 said it was apples, and and the rest said it was some other fruit. What percent likes bananas the best?

the answer is 25

What is maris favorite fruit?

Her favourite fruit are apples

Which fruit grows mold first apples or oranges?


What is greyson chance's favorite fruit?

Apples. Yep apples!

Do fruit bats eat apples?

Fruit bats eat all kinds of fruit including apples. They mostly feed on over ripe or ripe fruit and do very little damage to fruit crops.

Are apples a pulpy fruit?


What is a person who sells fruit called?

fruit seller('fruit' is uncountable and doesn't have a plural unless with reference to a defined, finite and specific set of fruits (five apples in a bowl).) A greengrocer is the more common term in British English.

Is green apple a citrus fruit?

Apples are not citrus fruit.

What is Willie O'ree favourite fruit?

His Favourite fruit is apples

Is banana the most widely bought fruit?

No! Apples are! Apples FTW

Why fruit seller don't sprinkle water on fruits but a vegetable seller do the same?

because fruit contai some genetic material and which did not want water

Does apples have caffeine?

no apple is a nutral fruit that grows on trees but chocolate apples do and so do toffe apples

What do you call a fruit seller?

Green Grocer

Which fruit grows mold first apples peaches or bananas?

probably apples

Is apples a noun?

Yes the word apples is a noun. It is the plural of the fruit apple.

What fruit grows in autumn?

Apples are a notable fall fruit.

What is a reindeer's favorite fruit?


What are the fruit that begin with the letter A?


What is a reindeers favourite fruit?


What is joes favorite fruit?


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