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Q: A group of antelope leaving the herd in search of better grassland is an example of?
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A group of antelope leaving the herd in search of better grasslands is an example of?


What is it called when a group of antelope leave the herd for better grassland?


What make a better farmland grassland or forests?


Do antelope move better in winter or summer?

They move better in the summer.

What is the name of a white striped antelope?

bongo Better.......Nyala

Why bromine is a better leaving group than chlorine?

Bromine is bulky when compared to chlorine and hence a better leaving group.

Should you say The jeep wobbles through grasslands or through the grasslands?

Those are both possible statements, but they have different meanings. If you say that the jeep wobbles through grasslands, you are saying that whenever the jeep in in any grassland, it is going to wobble; it doesn't do well in grassland. If you say the jeep wobbles through the grasslands, then you are talking about some specific grassland, not all grassland. The jeep is presently in a grassland that is causing it to wobble. It might do better in some other grassland.

Why do vervet monkeys live in the grassland biome of south Africa?

because of their blue scrotums, they blend in better

Why forest cannot develop in the grassland?

they basically don't get enough water through out the year.Or for a better reason is that your average grassland does not get the right volume of water for a tree of any type to survive or a simpler answer is that it is to dry.

Should I hunt a deer or an antelope?

Deer antlers are branched and antelope horns are not. It would be better to have deer horns. Antelopes are harder to find, while deer are native to every continent but Australia and Antarctica.

Found in South Asia the chousingha is better known by what name given its unusual anatomy?

Four-horned antelope

Chousingha is better known by what?

Some better-known antelopes include impalas, gazelles, and gnus. .... The four-horned antelope, also known as the chousingha, is smaller, and it is the only