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10 20 30 40 50

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Q: A group of students
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A group of students was or were?

A group of students were

What is correct - a group of students was asked or a group of students were asked?

a group of students was asked

What is correct a group of students was asked or a group of students were asked?

a group of students was asked.

What is a group of students?

A lethargy of students

Group of pupils?

A group of pupils is known as students and a class or students in a classroom.

A group of pupils?

A group of pupils is a class of students.

Which group of college students is typically offered scholarships?

First-time freshmen, current students, and transfer students

What do you call a group of students?


What are a group of students is called?


The study of a group of selected male students and a group of selected female students concerning their views on how video game violence affects behavior?

controlled experiment

How can a webcam be useful for students?

a webcam will be useful to students by having a connection with students who left the school. to do a group work at school.

How many ways can a teacher choose 2 students from a group of 4 students?


Can there be two group of students and adult if there 12 students and 4 adult?

no stop asking

Is an assessment is biased if there is a gap in scores between one group of students and another group of students?

Not necessarily. The difference may be genuine and that is not the "fault" of the assessment.

In a group of 25 students 16 are female What percent of the group is female?


What probability of picking 5 students and 3 students from a group of 10 students and 13 faculty?

The probability of picking 5+3 = 8 students is 0.1202

A name for a group of school pupils?


What group started protests in Mexico?


Who created Awake ?

a group of Princeton students!

What is a group of students working together?


In a classroom when students are assigned to an expert group and then go back to another group to explain what they have learned it is called a?

(Apex) students choose their own groups

What is the Difference between in group and out group?

The in group are usually the most popular students at school or in life. The out group consists of everyone else.

A group of students is asking people to determine whether they use plastic bags. What are the students doing?

Collecting data

Which group has the larger ratio of students with braces to students in class -- boys or girls?


What group was last to obtain equal access to a public school education girls students who live in poverty students who are African American or students with disabilities?

students with disabilities