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No, it is always false. Perimeter of a rectangle= 2l + 2w, l= length, w=width. 2*any whole number, regardless odd or even, is even. Thus 2l is even and 2w is even. The sum of two even numbers is always even.

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Q: A group of students are finding the perimeters of rectangles whose lengths and widths are whole numbers they notice that all the perimeters are not even numbers is this always true?
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A group of sudents are finding the perimeters of rectangles whose lengths and widths are whole numbers they notice that all the perimeters are not even numbers is this always true?

No, take the rectangle that is 4x6. The perimeter is 20 which is even.

What are the lengths of the sides of 3 rectangles with perimeters of 14 units?

2 by 6 1 by 6

If the ratio of the side lengths of two similar polygons is 31 what is the ratio of the perimeters?

Their perimeters are in the same ratio.

What are the lengths of sides of a quadrilateral if the perimeter is 54 inches?

What are the lengths of the sides of a quadrilateral if the perimeters is 54 inches

What are the lengths of the sides of three rectangles with perimeters of 12 units using only whole numbers?

1 x 5 2 x 4 3 x 3

Why could two students obtain different values for the calculated areas of the same rectangle?

because it was estimation, the lengths were different and the rectangles are not the same

How do you find the perimeters of a triangle?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of the lengths of its three sides.

What are the differences between a square and a rectangle?

Rectangles have longer sides than any type of square. Opposite sides of rectangles are of equal lengths. All sides of squares are of equal lengths.

What is true about rectangles but not about squares?

rectangles have 2 sets of parellel sides but 2 different pairs of side lengths

What are the lengths of the sides of 3 rectangles with perimeters of 12 units?

The following rectangles all have perimeters of 12: 1 by 5 1.2 by 4.8 1.4 by 4.6 1.6 by 4.4 1.8 by 4.2 2 by 4 2.3 by 3.7 2.5 by 3.5 2.8 by 3.2 3 by 3 There are an infinite number more.

What is the size of a maple leaf?

This can vary, between many lengths and widths and heights and perimeters of the leaf.

What is the perimeter of 4 inches?

Closed series of lines on paper have perimeters. Lengths don't.

Possible rectangles with a perimeter of 18 cm and whole-number lengths of sides?


Do rectangles have all equal lengths?

No but they do have 4 equal corner angles of 90 degrees

Why are rectangles squares?

Rectangles are not squares. The reason to this is because squares must have sides of equal lengths. Rectangles are quadrilaterals with sides that join to make 90 degree angles, but are not restricted to having the same length. Therefore "all squares are rectangles", but rectangles cannot be squares.

Ron will use all 900 meters of fence and wants to enclose a rectangular region that contain four congruent rectangular pens within it Calculus optimization i have further questions Please help?

Optimization is all about finding equations that involve your variables, and manipulating those equations to meet the stated constraints. The first step is to find two or more equations involving one or more of your variables. Here, we have cost and two separate lengths. Let's call the long side of each of the small congruent rectangles "l" and the short side "w." You know that you will have four of these rectangles, and because of the situation and the units you know that you will be measuring perimeter. Therefore, the sum of the perimeters of all four congruent rectangles is 4(2l+2w) or 8l+8w. I'm unclear from your question whether Ron will be using the 900 meters to form the four rectangles, or to form the rectangles and to surround them with fencing. Can you give me more information?

Information about a rectangle?

There are plenty of information you can learn about rectangles. You can learn about their angles, their widths and lengths, as well as their volumes.

Are all rectangles the same?

no they can be different lengths or sizes

How many different rectangles can have an area of 24 square inches if their lengths and widths are whole numbers?


What makes a rectangle and a squarea llike and what makes them different?

Rectangles and squares are alike in that both pairs of their opposite sides are parallel and their inner corners are all 90-degree angles; they are different in that squares have equal lengths on all sides, and only rectangles' opposite sides are the same lengths.

How many perimeters is in 2 inch?

A perimeter is not a unit of length and so the question makes no sense. It is like asking how many lengths in 2 inches.

How many rectangles have the same area but different perimeters?

Infinitely many. Suppose the area of the rectangle is 100. We could create rectangles of different areas: 100x1 50x2 25x4 20x5 10x10 However, the side lengths need not be integers, which is why we can create infinitely many rectangles. Generally, if A is the area of the rectangle, and L, L/A are its dimensions, then the amount 2(L + (L/A)) can range from a given amount (min. occurs at L = sqrt(A), perimeter = 4sqrt(A)) to infinity.

What lengths do you use when finding area of parallelogram?

Square metre

How do you work out the area of an L shape?

You should break it down in to smaller shapes. Two rectangles. Then figure out all the lengths. Multiply to find the area of the two rectangles. then add the products to get the final area.

Finding areas of oddly shaped rectangles?

What is an "oddly shaped rectangle"? Rectangles have four sides, with two pairs of sides that are equal in length and parallel to each other, and four right angles. Anything that fits this definition is a rectangle, period. There's nothing "odd" about any of them. But the area of any rectangle can be found by multiplying the lengths of any two adjacent sides.