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Q: A jar holds 10000 dimes how many 1 dollar bills is this equal to?
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How many 100 bills are in 10000 dimes?

Since there are 10 dimes in a dollar, we will divide 10000 by 10 to get the amount of dollars it is, giving us 1000. Then, we will divide 1000 by 100 (because there are one hundred dollars in a one hundred dollar bill) which gives us 10. 10000 dimes is equal to 10 one hundred dollar bills.

How many 1 bills is equal to 10000 dimes?


A jar holds 10000 dimes how many 100 bills is this equal to?


How many 1.00 bills would equal 10000 dimes?

one thousand

How many 1000 bills are equal to 10000 dimes?

The answer is one $1,000 bill. There are 10 dimes in $1.00. 10 dimes divided into 10,000 dimes = $1,000.00.

How many 100 dollar bills is equal 10000.00?

10000/100 is 100 bills

A jar holds 100000 dimes how many 1 DOLLAR bills is this amount equal to?

10,000 $1's

What does 2400000 cents equal?

2400000 cents (USD) equals 2400000 pennies 480000 nickles 240000 dimes 96000 quarters 24000 dollar bills 240 hundred dollar bills

Does 2 dimes equal 2 fourths of a dollar?

No. It equals fifty cents or half a dollar. Two dimes equal one fith of a dollar.

How many dimes does it take to equal half dollar?

5 dimes

How many dimes are in a dollar as a percent?

There are 10 dimes in a dollar. As a percent, the number 10 is equal to 1000%.

How many dimes equal one dollar?


How many dimes equal 10 dollars?

There are 10 dimes in a dollar, so 10 dollars times 10 dimes would equal 100 dimes.

10 coins that equal a dollar?

Ten dimes equals one dollar.

8 coins that equal a dollar?

Two quarters,four dimes and two nickels equal a dollar.

How many dollars equal 4 million dimes?

Ten dimes are Equal to One Dollar. So. Four Million Dimes are equal to Four Hundred Thousand Dollars.

How many dimes of are equal to six tenths of a dollar?


13 coins to equal one dollar?

7 dimes 1 quarter and 1 nickel equal one dollar.

How can you get 16 coins to equal a dollar?

12 nickels, 4 dimes.

1 dollar equal how many dime?

10 Dimes =$1.00

What 17 coins equal a dollar?

3 dimes and 14 nickels

How many dollars in 15 five dollar bills?

15 five dollar bills is equal to $75.

How many dimes are in 348 dollars?

There are ten dimes in a dollar. Therefore, 348 dollars is equal to 348 x 10 = 3480 dimes.

If dollarโ€™s worth of dimes is divided into five equal groups, how many dimes would be in each group?


One dime is equal to how many dollars?

One dime is equal to 1/10 of a dollar. Ten dimes are equal to one dollar. Four quarters are also equal to one dollar.