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= distance / time

= 55 / 28

= 1.96 m/s (correct to 3 significant figures)

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Q: A man walks 55m in 28 seconds what is his speed?
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What is the fastest speed reached on a man powered scooter?

100m in 11.57 seconds

If a man runs 200 meters in 25 seconds what is average speed?

Average speed = 200 meters per 25 seconds It can also be written as 8 meters per second

What is the average speed of a man that runs 350 meters in 17 seconds?

21 m/s

A man is running 100 yards in 10.2 seconds. What would be the expected time in 100 m?

100 metres = 109.3613 yards so, IF the man can maintain the same average speed for the extra distance, he would take 11.155 seconds (approx).

A man walks for 1 minute at a speed of 1ms and then runs for 1 minute at 3 ms along a straight track Then what is the average speed of the man?

(60 m + 180 m)/(4 * 60 s) = 1 m/s

How long would it take a man to run 500metres in 10metres per second?

It would take the man 50 seconds to run 500 meters at a speed of 10 meters per second.

A train 100 m long is running is the speed 30kmph.Find the time taken by it to pass a man standing near the railway line.?

12 seconds.

What is it that man walks over man walks under and in time of war he burns when he plunders?

a bridge

What will happen if a man passes a electrmagnetic waves in speed of light?

A man can't travel at the speed of light.A man can't travel at the speed of light.A man can't travel at the speed of light.A man can't travel at the speed of light.

What goes from 0 to Mach 2 in 2 seconds?

No Vehicle known to man can move at such a speed in so little time. To Reach Mach 2 Youd be breaking the sound barrier that wouldn't take 2 seconds.

How fast can a man run the 100 meter dash?

the fastest 100m dash was set by usian bolt with 9.69 seconds and for many olympic athletes their time averages around 10-11 seconds

When was Man Walks Into a Room created?

Man Walking Around A Corner was created in 1887.