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Topographic map

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Q: A map projection made by projecting points and lines from a globe on to a cone?
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A map made by projecting points and lines onto a piece of paper that touches a globe at a single point?

A Conic Projection.

How are conic projections made?

conic projections are made by projecting points and lines from a globe onto a cone

What happens when you take a round globe and put it on a flat map?

It will roll around. To make a flat map from a round globe, a projection is used. In making the projection not all measures can be preserved and so distances will be stretched for some areas, and straight lines on the projection will correspond to curved lines on the globe. There are different projections that can be used which try to minimise the effect on different measures.

What are the three main types of map projection?

Three types of projection include planar (the globe is projected onto a flat sheet, with only one point of the globe touching the surface), cylindrical (the globe is projected onto a cylinder with the all points along a great circle touching the surface), or conical (the globe is projected onto a cone with two lines of parallel touching the reference surface).

Are all of the lines of latitude parallel to each other on both the globe and the Mercator projection?

Yes, All line of latitude are parallel to the equator, but are not spaced equally. A mercator projection is based on a cylinder projection that is laid on the equator.

What are lines of longitude?

The lines on a map or globe that go vertically and match with the lines of latitude to tell the exact pin points of a place.

What are projection lines?

Projection lines are used to specify the contour of the projected diagram..

What projection shows all lines of latitude and longitude as straight lines?

The Mercator projection does that.

What is projection has parallel latitude lines and parallel longitude lines?

A Mercator projection has parallel latitude lines and parallel longitude lines.

Where would you be able to see where the lines of longitude meet more clearly on a map or on a globe?

The answer to this depends on what projection of map you are using and how wide the columnal support on the globe is. Typically though, you'll have a better chance of seeing the lines of longitude converging at the poles on a globe. If you want to see the actual point of convergence, a better choice would be a map projection that has special carve-outs on the bottom for the poles or a "pole perspective projection" which is similar to the map of the Earth used on the UN Flag.

What is it called when lines of latitude and lines of longitude are perpendicular?

a) planar projection B) cylindrical projection

What is difference between parallel and perspective projection in Computer Graphics?

Parallel projection does not produces realistic views whereas perspective projection produces realistic viewin parallel projection lines of projection are parallel whereas in perspective projection lines are not parallel and the point where these lines meets is called ceter of projection in case of perspective projection

How are the lines of latitude and longitude alike?

they both measure certain points on a globe or map of the world.

Are Lines of longitude and latitude are used for locating certain points on the globe?

Yes. The intersection of a line of longitude and a line of latitude is a point on the globe, and that point is identified by the longitude and latitude of those lines.

What are the parts of globe?

what are the lines of the globe

What is conic projection?

A method of projecting maps of parts of the earth's spherical surface on a surrounding cone, which is then flattened to a plane surface having concentric circles as parallels of latitude and radiating lines from the apex as meridians.

How are lines of latitude organized on a globe?

The lines of latitude are organized on a globe by circling the globe east to west.

What is the advantage of a Mercator projection?

The ability of the Mercator projection to allow straight and constant course lines. Or longitude and latitude lines.

What are imaginary lines that encircling the globe?

The imaginary lines on the globe are latitude and longitude.

Is Greenland larger on a Robinson projection than it should be?

Well, Greenland is BIGGEST on a mercator projection but on a Robinson it is smaller because the lines of latitude remain parallel, and lines of longitude are curved as they are on the globe. This results in lesser distortion near the poles. So your answer is most likely, no. DEPENDING on what map you look at.

How many lines of latitude are there when drawn at interval of 1 degree each?

If drawn on a globe at intervals of one degree, there would be 178 lines and two points.

What are the 4 imaginary lines on the earth as represented on the globe?

four imaginary lines on globe

What are Projection lines in technical drawing?

Projection lines are used to establish relationships of part featurues between rotated veiws of the same drawing.

Is it true that lines of longitude divide the globe into units called poles?

Lines of longitude appear vertical with varying curvature in this projection, but are actually halves of great ellipses, These lines met at the poles but the distances between these lines are divided into degrees, minutes and seconds. There is no unit expressed as a "pole."

Why are there two connection points in a globe?

A2. A globe is a simple sphere, and has no connection points. A soap bubble is among the simplest.We may draw imaginary lines around the sphere, and make other markings, but these are marks on a sphere, not the sphere itself.