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A decimetre.

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Q: A metric measure that equals 10 centimeters?
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What equals 10 centimeters in metric measurements?

10 centimeters equal 1 decimeter.

What is a metric measure that equals 10 centimeters?

100 millimeters, 1 decimeter, 0.1 meter, 0.0001 kilometers, etc.

How much is 10 grams in the metric system?

It is 10 grams. A gram is part of the metric system.

How many centimeters are in two millimeters?

There are 20 millimeters in 2 centimeters because if there are 10 millimeters in 1 centimeter and this metric system is based on 10 then if you count 10 times 10 it equals 20.

When do you use the metric ruler?

metric ruler is used for measuring the length of the objects in mm and cm. hence ,1cm=10 mm.In metric ruler =15 cm.

10 centimeters equals how many dm?

100 centimeters

45 centimeters equals how may millimeters?

21.5 cms equals 215 mms metric system works in 10s 100s or 1000s here is a rough overview 10 mm equals 1 centimetre 100 centimetre equals 1 metre also 1000 millimetres equals 1 metre 1000 metres equals a kilometre the metric system also works on volume as well 1 cubic metre equals 1000 litres 10 cms cubed is 1 litre

How do you get a precise measurement to the nearest millimeter?

a millimeter equals 10 centimeters, and 10 centimeters equals an inch. so you would take the inches and count the centimeters, then count 10 millimeter per centimeter

How many liters are in centimeters?

These questions are in different units. Liters are measures of volume in metric. Centimeters are a measure of distance. However, if you make a cube that is 10 cm on each side, it will contain 1000 cm3 which is one liter.

What measuring instrument measures length?

The anemometer is used to measure the wind. The word anemometer comes from the Greek word "anemos" which means wind.

210 centimeters equals how many meters?

2 meters and 10 centimeters

304.8 centimeters equals how many feet?

304.8 centimeters = 10 feet.