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It can be.

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Q: A micro is a set of commands that automates complex or repetitive actions?
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What is a set of commands that automates complex and repetitive actions?

It is an algorithm.

What is a set of commands that automates complex or repetitive actions?

It is a program.

A set of commands that automates complex or repetitive actions is known as a?


Why is scheduling fairly simple for repetitive systems but fairly complex for job shops?

scheduling is fairly simple for a repetitive system just because it is more simple.

A machine capable of performing complex computer commands is called a?


Why are Unix commands simple rather than complex tasks?

UNIX commands are designed to be simple in the first place; they basically do one task per command. To make a more powerful sequence, just put (or pipe) several commands together in a sequence. The ability to use many of the commands in different scenarios just by the command sequence is very powerful; the individual commands do not have to be that powerful or complex, but the result of using several of them in a row makes for a very powerful system.

What distinguishes the Complex Plot from the Simple plot in Aristotles theory of drama?

Aristotle's theory of drama distinguishes complex plots from simple plots based on the level of complexity and interconnectedness of events. In a complex plot, the actions are intricately woven together and involve more twists and turns, leading to a more engaging and intellectually stimulating experience for the audience. On the other hand, a simple plot follows a more straightforward and linear narrative structure without as many complications or layers of intrigue.

When was computer introduced and what is the purpose of computer?

Computers were first invented to perform calculations that were complex or repetitive in nature, in order to make human life easier.

Unified action is complex and challenging for joint force commanders because of?

diverse participants with a variety of objectives and unique commands

Which task can be accomplished by using the command history feature?

Quick way of repeating/modifying complex commands. history gives you the entire history of commands Up to buffer limit, us.5000) history 20 shows last 20 commands !501 executes command 501 from history or select and paste the one you want to modify it first

What complex separates enzymes for the Cell from hormones for the bloodstream?

The Endoplasmic Reticulum does all of the Preparatory Actions the Golgi apparatus will then finalize.

What are actions of antibiotics?

(1) Neutralization (2) Opsonization (3) Precipitation (4) Adherence inhibition (5) Immune complex formation