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a minus take away a minus makes a minus

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Q: A minus take away a minus equals what?
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What is 180 take away 66 take away 90?

180 minus 66 minus 90 = 24.

If a equals 3 and bequals minus 5 then a minus b equals?

If a equals 3 and b equals minus 5 then a minus b equals what

Why minus minus equals plus?

You are taking something away a negative amount of times. Which means you are actually giving.

What does minus mean?

Minus means to diminish, or to take away from. For example: To decrease: The weather forecast predicted the winds will decrease by tomorrow. To take away from: 25 take away 10 = 15, which is the same as 25 minus 10 = 15.

What is the answer to 11a-a-a?

9a. You take 11 a's: a a a a a a a a a a a and then take away two (minus a, minus a): a a a a a a a a a X X

What minus 6 equals 12?

What minus 6 equals 12 is 18

What is 633 take away by something equals 34?

Take away 599 from 633 equals 34.

What is negative 81 minus negative 67equal?

Eight one take away negative sixty seven equals negative fourteen. This is a math problem.

What take away what equals 33333?

33334 take away 1.

What is a word that means to subtract?

to take away ***minus***

What is 55 take away 30?

25. 55 minus/subtract/take away 30 = 25.

What is 100 take 65?

100 minus 65 equals 35

What minus twelve equals 3?


What is a minus divided by a minus equals?

÷/÷ = +

What is another way to say subtract?

minus, take away

What are some words that subtract mean?

take away, minus

What is this symbol - called?

Minus, subtraction or take away.

What times one take seven minus four equals to minus four?

1*-7 +7-4=-4

What does 203 minus 76 equals?

203 minus 76 equals 127.

What is 120 minus 87 equals?

120 minus 87 equals 33.

What is 19 minus 6 equals?

19 minus 6 equals 13.

What is a negative take away a negative it equals positive?

The result of subtracting a negative number minus a negative number can be positive, or negative, depending on which of the numbers is larger. It can even be zero.

How do you say take away in spanish?

to take (something) away = quitar, sacar to take something away from somebody, requisition = llevarse, requisar to take away (i.e. subtract) = sustraer 'take away' (i.e. minus) = menos take-away (food) = para llevar

What is another word for subtract?

minus, take away, deduct, debit

What are other words for subtraction?

minus, take away, less than