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Just like a clock face: 12 students.

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Q: A number of students are evenly spaced around a circle the fourth student is directly opposite the tenth student how many students are in the circle?
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The answer is 17. If you draw a circle and put student 8 at the "3 o'clock" position and student 16 opposite at the "9 o'clock" position this will set up your circle. That means there are 7 children (9-15) that are evenly distributed in the bottom half of the circle. This will put student 12 at the "6 o'clock" position. Making sure to account for students 1-7 you'll have to put them in next. This will put student 3 at the "12 o'clock" position. This leaves three slots left in the top left "piece of pie". Students 1 & 2 go there along with student 17. 17 students will be evenly distributed around the circle with student 8 & 16 opposite each other.

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