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Exponential form

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Q: A number written with a base and an exponent?
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What is a number written with a base and not an exponent?


What is a number written with a base and an exponent is in?

exponential form

What is a number written as a base and an exponent?

It is a number expressed in "standard form".

What is the base and exponent of 125?

If you are referring to the number 125 itself, then 125 is the base, and 1 is the exponent. This would be written as 1251. This number can also be written as 53, as 5 cubed also equals 125. In this case, 5 is the base, and 3 is the exponent. The main integer value is the base, the number to the upper right of it is the exponent. The exponent tells you how many times to multiply the base number by itself to find the answer.

What is a number written with a base and an exponent?

it is called an exponential form

What is the base of an exponent?

The base of an exponent is the main number. For example in 56 the number 5 is the base and 6 is the exponent.

Which number is the exponent and which is the base?

If you have ab then a is the base and b the exponent

A 5 letter word for a number written with a base and an exponent?


Is an exponent also called a base number?

No, an exponent is not called a base number. the base is the number before the exponent: 34. 3 is the base, 4 is the exponent the expont could also be refered to as three to the fourth power

An number produced by raising a base to an exponent?

A number produced by raising a base to an exponent is called?

How do you know what the base is?

a base is the the number that is with the exponent

What is the definition of base number?

A base number is the value to the power of the exponent. For example, in 2^4, 2 is the base number and 4 is the exponent.

What is the base and exponent?

The base is the bigger number on the left. The exponent is the small number on the top left corner of the base. The base may also be a variable or irrational number.

What is the exponent number called?

The base.

What is the difference between base number and the exponent?

In their simplest forms, a base number is the number that is being multiplied by itself while the exponent is the number of times that the base is multiplied.

What does exponential form mean in math terms?

A number is in exponential form when it is written with a base and an exponent.

Definition of Base as math term?

The base number is the the number that is being repeatedlymultiplied in exponent problems. Example: 32 _ three is the base and two is the exponent

How do you multiply a base of 34 and a exponent of 0?

Actually, a base and exponent are not multiplied together. Rather, the exponent indicates the "power" of the base number, the number of times the base is to be multiplied by itself. For example the expression 23, where the base is 2 and the exponent is 3, represents the product of 3 2s; that is, 2 x 2 x 2, equaling 8. Powers of zero are a special case. By convention, and to support exponent operations, any number (excepting zero) to the power of zero equals one. Therefore the number with a base of 34 and exponent of 0 is written as 340, and 340 = 1.

What is a number obtained by raising a base to an exponent?

It is a power of that base.

A number that is expressed using an exponent?


What is the number called before an exponent?

the base

What is the number that is raised to and exponent?

its called a base :)

When a base of an exponential expression is apositive real number and exponent is an integer?

Then, if the exponent is a positive integer, the value is 1 multiplied by the base repeatedly, exponent times. If the exponent is a negative integer then it is the reciprocal of the above value.In either case, it is NOT the base multiplied by itself an exponent number of times.

What is a base and what is an exponent?

In the notation for powers, e.g. Ab, A is the base (the number which is multiplied by itself) and b is the exponent (the number of times we mutiply it). An Exponent is how many times you get a certain prime number in a factor tree. I don''t remember what a base is.

Number of times a base number is multiplied by itself?

the exponent