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Q: A part of one whole thing in math?
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What is whole to part in math?

One of the basic axioms of maths is "The whole is greater than the part"

Why is a 'part' in a play called a part?

In math one or more "parts" equal a whole and in theatre the "parts" make up the whole play.

How do you divide a whole into 1 equal part?

When you divide a whole into 1 equal part, the whole is the one and only equal part

How do you use math in makeup?

lets use lip-stick for an example. When applying the lipstick you don't put one whole lipstick tub on your lips. you use a fractional part of the lipstick tube and not a whole tube.

How do you measure one fourth?

One fourth means fourth part of an unit, it can be measure as 1/4

What math set is made with whole numbers?

Integers is one such set.

You missed the ama of 2007 how can you watch the whole thing over?

look it up one Youtube usually it will be in parts but it works out if you follow each part by part.

What is a ray in math terms?

A ray in math is a part of a line that has one end point

How do you find a third?

-- Cut the whole thing into three identical pieces. -- Each piece is one third of the whole thing. -- If the whole thing is a number, divide the number by 3 to find one third of it.

When can you not simplify fractions?

you can not simplify fractions when one of the ( whole or part) numbers can not be divided by and thing like 11 over 17 could NOT be simplified

Can proportion be nagative value?

No. A proportion is the relationship of one part of something to the whole thing. If X is a fifth of Y, this must be a positive value.

What is the definition of piece?

A portion or part of a whole which is less than the whole but which can form a unit in itself. You cannot have a piece of water because it cannot form a unit on its own because it is not solid.