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A perfectly price-inelastic demand curve is vertical (Parallel to Y-axix) because the percentage change in quantity demanded is nil whatever the percentage change happens in price.

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Q: A perfectly price- inelastic demand curve is A horizontal b downward sloping c upward sloping d vertical?
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Explain the difference between price elasticity of demand and the slope of a demand curve?

Price elasticity is a specific type of slope of the demand curve. A perfectly inelastic demand means that the quantity will not change with the price. This line is perfectly vertical. A perfectly elastic demand curve is horizontal and means that at any given quantity, there is only one price. Also, a slope gets steeper, demand becomes more inelastic.

In a graph of price vertical axis verses quantity horizontal demand is downward sloping because?

market demand

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Shape of graph that is a Supply Curve that is perfectly inelastic?

When you think about elasticity and inelasticity graphically it always helps me to think of that the end result will be. So I will walk you through my thought process. If supply is inelastic, then no matter the price, supply will always be the same. If price is on the y-axis and quantity is on the x-axis ( as they usually are) then: Perfectly inelastic supply will be represented by a vertical line.

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What is a perfectly inelastic supply curve?

A perfectly inelastic supply relation would be defined as one where the quantity produced remains static under any price change. If we'd plot this curve in the familiar demand-supply framework with price being on the y-axis and quantity on the x-axis, the curve would be vertical.

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What is the shape of supply curve during the market period?

The supply curve during the market period is perfectly inelastic and vertical. This shows that the supply cannot be increased in the short run.