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1 meter = 100 centimeters

2 meters = 200 centimeters

2 meters 5 centimeters = 205 centimeters

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Q: A piece of rope is 2 meters 5 centimeters long.How may centimeters is that?
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Greg has a piece of of rope that is 5 meters How long is the rope?

5 meters, or 500 centimeters, or about 5.47 yards, or 16.41 feet.

John has one rope that is 126 feet longHow many 7 foot pieces of rope can john make out of his one rope?


What is the length in centimeters of a rope that is 422 meters long?


A piece of rope that is 6.3 meters long cut into 9 equal pieces is how long?


If 25.5 metre rope is cut into 12 equal pieces what will be the length of each piece?

2.125 meters

The rope was 3.5 meters long How many centimeters is the rope?

The answer to this is 350cm. This is because 1 meter is 100 cm. So you must multiply 3.5 by 100 which gives you 350cm. Good luck! ;)

If a rope is 4M and 6Cm long and it is cut in half then in 2 equal pieces then how long is each piece?

2 meters 3 centre meters xx

Susan's rope is three times as long as Fred's rope Fred's rope is twice as long as Allisons rope the total length of their ropes is 36 meters how long is Fred's rope?

8 meters. :) WRONG! It's 6 meters. Fred's rope = 6 Susan's rope = 18 Allison's rope = 12 6 + 18 + 12 = 36

What is the homophone for a string or rope?

A string or piece of rope is a cord. The homophone for cord is chord.

What tool do we use to measure length in metric system?

Any ruler that has a division in centimeters. For somewhat longer distances you measure in meters. To know how long that is, take a piece of rope between your fingertips and measure the distance from the tip of those fingers to the outside edge of your other shoulder. If you're about 12 years or older, that distance is a meter.

How are all animals connected to each other?

rope.....with a piece of rope

How do you make a harness?

You have to get a rope and then put a couple of strings at the bottom of the rope but leave a tiny piece of string sticking out. Then you tie another rope to the piece of string hanging out.

Beth uses 34 of her old skipping rope to make crafts She cut the rope into nine pieces Each piece is the same length What fraction of the skipping rope is in each piece?


How do you draw a circle with a radius of 5 meters?

Drive a peg into the ground. Form a loop at both ends of a thin rope measuring 5 meters. Slip one looped end of the thin rope over the peg. Put a stick in the other loop and stretch the rope taut. Move the stick in a circle, keeping the rope taut, scoring a line on the ground with the end of the stick. Instead of a stick, a piece of chalk, or an aerosol can of paint could be used to mark the ground.

How long is the rope?

The length of a piece of rope is twice the distance from the middle to one end.

What is the homophone a string or rope?

A string or piece of rope is a cord. The homophone for cord is chord.

What is theweight of 50000 meters of 16 mm wire rope?

It depends on the density of the rope.

What does splicing mean?

Splicing is when you take two things and put them together. For example you can splice a piece of rope with another piece of rope. You can also do this in genetics by gene splicing.

How long is a rope if its standing wave fundamental frequency has a wavelength of 10 meters?

5 meters

What is A piece of rope with a slipknot at the end called?

a noose

What can be sold in meters?

Fabric, Cable, Wire, Rope

Where did the term culliot come from?

Culliot The game is similar to tug of war in principle. Two or more players can play this. The purpose of a team is to pull the other team over the borderline. The equipment needed is a 15-meter long rope with a diameter of 3.81 centimeters. Rules of the Game 1. Each team must have equal number of players. 2. The distance between team is five meters. 3. Both ends of the rope should be tied on the waist of the last player while the others hold on to the rope. 4. A piece of ribbon or handkerchief is tied to the rope on the centerline. 5. Upon signal to start, each team pulls each other. 6. The team that pulls the other over the borderline is declared as the winner.

This 2000 N weight is raised 1 meter by pulling 4 meters of rope What force was required to pull the rope?

500 N

Bill has 3 meters of rope how many dm long is the rope?

Hint: 1 m = 10 dm... 3 meters = 3 x 10 dm = 30 dm

How big is the car park?

How long is a piece of rope?