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when you toss a coin three times, the total number of possible outcomes is

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Q: A possible result of an experiment?
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Related questions

What is a possible result of an experiment?


What is a conclusion in a science experiment?

A conclusion in a science experiment is the result that will be achieved. Any experiment will have a list of possible outcomes.

What is the possible result when an experiment performed in math?

A fat turtle

In an experiment what are some possible reasons for inconsistent result and errors?

it's the mutation

The variable that changes as the result of an experiment is a?

true or false : in order to get the best results from an experiment, change as many variables as possible within the experiment?

What is the result of an experiment?

The result of an experiment is a

What is the result of a scientific experiment?

The result of a scientific experiment is the conclusion.

A probability found as a result of an experiment?

Probability determined as part of an experiment is called experimental probability. Probability determined by analysis of all of the possible and expected outcomes is called theoretical probability.

The factor that is measured as a result of the change in an experiment is the?

The factor that is measured as a result of the change in an experiment is

How do i find the sum of outcomes in probability?

Select an experiment that has a random result rather than one that is deterministic. The result of the experiment is the outcome of the probabilistic experiment.

What is a control in earth science?

used as an experiment to show that the result of an experiment are a result of conduction being tested.

What do you call a factor that confuses the result of an experiment?

If there is a factor that confuses the result of an experiment, I would call that a design flaw in the experiment. It might also be an uncontrolled variable.

What are the errors in filtration experiment?

Possible errors in filtration experiment

Total possible outcomes?

Is the number of all possible outcomes of an experiment. The number depends on the experiment.

What is an outcome in a probability experiment?

It is the result of the experiment. It is the value of the observation.

After you reach a conclusion about an experiment you may find you need to experiment more.?

It is certainly possible. The conclusion from your experiment may prove to be tentative and you may need to design a better experiment to improve the reliability of the conclusion, or the experiment may suggest alternatives which you may wish to explore. Most of science is about that: an experiment leads to conclusions. Further experiments result in refinements to the conclusions and, occasionally, to the replacement of earlier theories with new models.

Enumerate some problems encountered when using scientific method?

When using the scientific method, it is possible to have an experiment with no result or false results. Furthermore, it may be possible to misinterpret results. This is why experiments should always be repeated multiple times for accuracy.

What does result for an experiment mean?

The conclusion of the entire experiment. Complete data and all. "Final result."

Which show that the result of an experiment are reliable?

The experiment can be repeated with the same results

What is used in an experiment to show that the results of an experiment are a result of the condition being tested?


What will happen if the variables in an experiment were not identified?

the experiment result would be confusing

What was concluded about the structure of the atom as the result of the gold foil experiment?

As a result of the gold foil experiment, a positively charged nucleus is surrounded by mostly empty space.

How can you ger better result in an experiment?

Repeat the experiment and make sure it is fair.

What should you do next when the experiment get an unexpected result?

you must repeat and redo the experiment

What happens if the experiment dose not confirm hypothesis?

This indicates that the hypothesis is probably incorrect and a new hypothesis needs to be developed. A negative result for a scientific experiment is just as important as a positive result and means that the experiment was a success.