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A cylinder

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Q: A prism with two of its faces circles?
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This shape is not a polyhedron it is a prism two of its faces are circles?

A cylinder.

How is a circle and a rectangular alike with a cylinder and a rectangular prism?

A cylinder contains 2 faces that are circles and a rectangular prism contains 6 faces that a a rectangle.

Solid shape with two faces that are congruent circles?

a cylinder has two faces that are circles

Can a prism have two bases and four faces?

Sometimes,only because,a rectangular prism has two bases and four faces, but a triangular prism has two bases and three faces.

What are the shapes of the faces of the faces of a triangular prism?

A triangular prism has three rectangular faces and two triangular faces.

What Prism has two congruent faces?

A Base. * * * * * What? Every prism, by definition, has two congruent faces which may be called the bases of the prism.

What kinds of faces does a triangular prism have?

A triangular prism has two triangular faces and 3 rectangular faces

What is the parallel faces of a prism called?

The only two parallel faces on a prism are the ends.

How many faces does a decagonal prism have?

i think there is 12 faces are in the decagonal prism this is mhel a decagonal prism has 11 faces

How many faces does a prism have and what shapes are the faces?

A prism has two polygonal faces at each end and these may have any number of sides, n. The prism also has n rectangular faces.

A prism in which two faces are triangles?

triangle prism... that's what i think

What shape are the faces of a cylinder?

A rectangle and two circles.