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4 pounds from 75 pounds is 71 pounds, so the dog has gained 71 pounds in weight.

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Q: A puppy weights 4 pounds when there born and they weight 75 when there bigger how many weights does it gain?
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What is the average weight of a Border Collie puppy?

The average weights of a Border Collie puppy is 17kg, or 37.5 pounds. However, there is a difference between male and female puppies. For male, the average is 20kg, the female is 14 kg.

What is the weight of a beagle puppy?

is 2-5 pounds [lbs]

What is the weight of the mud puppy salamander?

9-10 pounds

How much the weight of 2 month rottweiler puppy?

8 to 10 pounds

What is the mass of a puppy?

Each puppy is going to be different. Think of mass as being just like weight. A bigger person is going to have a greater weight. It works the same with mass.

Average weight of a labrador pup at 4 months?

100 pounds is the average weight of a Labrador puppy that is four months old. The Labrador puppy is one of the most adorable pet.

What is the normal weight for a 3 month old English mastiff?

Your puppy's size really depends on the size of it's parents, and if your puppy is male, or female. Generally, at 3 months of age a male English Mastiff puppy weighs around 45 pounds, and a female around 39 pounds. Your vet would be able to tell you if your puppy was over or under weight.

What is the average weight of a newborn dachshund puppy?

20 pounds if it weighs less take it to the hospital immediately

How do you make a puppy bigger?

i am guessing you are a child. you just need to be patient and your little puppy will be bigger in no time!

What are some everyday items that weigh 10 pounds?

...a bag of sugar ...a ten pound weight that you can find at a gym ...a Morkie puppy, around that weight

How do baby boxers dogs weigh?

it matters about the birth weight of the puppy they could weigh anywhere for ounces to pounds.

What is the Correct dosage of penicillin for an American bulldog puppy with parvo puppy is in her 5th day of parvo her weight is 12-14 pounds how many cc or milagrams?

Please contact a vet

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