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It could be 1 cm by 81 cm, 3 cm by 27 cm, 9 cm by 9 cm, 27 cm by 3 cm, or 81 cm by 1 cm.

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Q: A rectangle has whole number side lengths and an area of 81cmยฒ what dimentions could it have?
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How can you make a rectangle with a perimeter of 12 units?

You can make a perimeter with side lengths if 3, 3, 3, 3 or you could do a rectangle with side lengths of 4, 4, 2, 2. Finally you could do a rectangle with side lengths of 5, 5, 1, 1.

What is the length of a rectangle if the area is 153 m?

There is no definite answer to that, as a rectangle that is 153 square metres could have different lengths.

A quadrilateral where each angle is at a right angle?

A rectangle, or could be a square if lengths are the same.

Why is triangle stronger than a rectangle?

Given unchanging lengths of the sides, a triangle cannot change its shape. But given unchanging lengths of the sides of a rectangle, it can change its shape by some force by changing its angle measurements. If a 2d load were put on a rectangle, enough force could squish the rectangle into a parallelogram, whereas a triangle cannot change shape without changing the lengths of its sides or bending its sides out of shape (most likely into a curve).Given these properties, a rectangle can collapse its shape much more easily and is flimsy compared to a triangle.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle has an area of 5cm square?

The perimeter of a rectangle cannot be determined with the area alone as the lengths could vary. For example, the perimeter of the rectangle could be 12 (1 and 5) or 9 (2 and 2.5). For both cases, the area is still 5cm2, but the length can still change to result in different results.

Why could two students obtain different values for the calculated areas of the same rectangle?

because it was estimation, the lengths were different and the rectangles are not the same

What are the side lengths with an area of 34cm?

This question is impossible to answer. An area cannot be 34 cm since the latter is a linear measure. Furthermore, the question is under-specified because the shape of the [planar] figure is not specified. Moreover, even if it were specified, eg a rectangle, there are an infinite number of combinations of side lengths which could give a required area.

What is the dimensions of a rectangle for the number 10?

It could be 1 x 10.

Could a parallelogram that is not a rectangle darw it?

Here's something to think about: -- Every rectangle is a parallelogram. There are an infinite number of them. -- There are also an infinite number of more parallelograms that are not rectangles.

If A triangle has side lengths of 6 and 9 what could the third side be?

Any number between 3 and 15

What would a rectangle look like with an area of 36?

It would be a rectangle. The lengths of the sides must be such that the length times the width equals 36: So it could be a square with sides 6; or A rectangle with sides 4 and 9; or A rectangle with sides 3 and 13; or A rectangle with sides 2 and 18; or A rectangle with sides 1 and 36; or A rectangle with sides ½ and 72, etc The rectangle can get as thin as you like and would become longer to accommodate the area.

Could a triangle and a rectangle be congruent?

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent? explain

How could anita arrange 11 tiles to identify the number as prime or not prime?

If the tiles cannot be arranged into a rectangle or square it is a prime number.

Could a rectangle be called a square?

no, but a square can be called a rectangle.

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent explain?

Could a traingle and a rectangle ever be congruent? Explain.

A rectangle has a perimeter of 67.8 cm What migh the dimentions be?

L + W = P/2 = 33.9 cmDimensions could be any two figures which total 33.9 eg 4.5 x 29.4 or 16.9 x 17 etc etc

Could a square with whole number so I link have the same parameters as a 5 x 4 rectangle?

No, it cannot.

Could a rectangle ever have an area that is a negative number?

A real physical rectangle on a piece of paper . . . no. Mathematically . . . if one of the dimensions is a negative length, then the area is negative.

What are the dimentions for a kithen table?

What kind of question is this? It could be practically any size... ANY size at all! I could depend on how small or large you want it to be....

Which equation could be used to solve for the lengths?

It depends on what the lengths refer to and on what information is available.

What other number fits a rectangle that is 4 tiles wide?

Any positive number other than 4. The only reason it cannot be 4 is that the shape would then be a square, not a rectangle. If you want to be more pedantic about it, you could say any number greater than 4, since the length of a rectangle should be larger than its width.

How could you arrange 11 tles to identify the number as prime or not prime?

The only possible rectangle is 1 x 11, which identifies 11 as a prime number.

What is another term for rectangle?

A rectangle that is not square is an "oblong". Or you could say a "box".

What could you name a rectangle?

A rectangle is also known as a 4 sided quadrilateral

Which quadrilateral has 2 pairs of parallel sides and its opposite sides are congruent?

This could be a rectangle or rhomboid (tilted rectangle) , or more specifically a square or rhombus, where the side lengths are all the same.All are special cases of the parallelogram, which has at least one pair of parallel sides, but not necessarily congruent ones.