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Q: A restaurant owner is proud to serve a great-tasting breakfast His refrigerator holds 15 cartons of eggs Each carton contains 12 eggs How many eggs are in the refrigerator altogether?
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What is a scramble restaurant?

Its a restaurant that serves breakfast.

What is Mario's favorite breakfast restaurant?

It's probably Breakfast Palace.

What is yoshis favorite breakfeast restaurant?

aluminum breakfast.

What is Yoshi's favorite breakfast restaurant?

yosh's resturant

What is the best breakfast restaurant in carmel?

Many have said that The Cottage Restaurant has by far the best breakfast in Carmel, and a locals favorite. Their award winning Artichoke soup is to die for. Everything they serve from breakfast to dinner is very good. Highly recommended by the local community.

What would you name a pirate themed breakfast restaurant?

The Pirate Ship

Average profit for mom and pop breakfast and lunch restaurant?


How much does breakfast at a restaurant cost?

About 40 dollars for 3 people

What is the difference between a bed breakfast and a hotel?

A bed and breakfast normally has no facilities other than a small room to serve breakfast so therefore there is no restaurant or bar

What are the release dates for Secrets of a Restaurant Chef - 2008 The Secret to Pancake Breakfast 5-11?

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef - 2008 The Secret to Pancake Breakfast 5-11 was released on: USA: 19 June 2010

Where is Aunt Judy's Restaurant located?

Aunt Judy's Restaurant is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on Veterans Lane. It is open Monday to Saturday serving breakfast and lunch from 8am til 3pm, and for breakfast only from 8am til 1pm on Sundays.

What chain restaurant offers the best breakfast?

It depends on what you consider the "best breakfast." iHop and Denny's probably lead the pack for putting on the breakfast feedbag. There are lots of small, local and regional breakfast spots, too, which most people consider favorites.

What fast food restaurants serve breakfast after 10?

Dunkin Donuts Serves Breakfast after 10, But I dont know if that is a fast food restaurant to you. Hope This Helps!

What types of food can one get at Aunt Judy's Family Restaurant?

Aunt Judy's Family Restaurant sells food that caters to the breakfast and lunch crowd. For breakfast, the restaurant sells: omelets, French toast, waffles and bacon and eggs. For lunch the menu includes:Reuben, Home-made Quiche,Tuna Melt, Burgers, club sandwiches, and soups.

If you were naming a breakfast restaurant and need clever names Waffles pancakes omelets and burgers as well as some baking?

The Breakfast Nook cOmelet Us Cook O Mel, Ets Morning! The Scrambled House Diner for Breakfast! ;) (Dinner) (Breakfast for Diner) Hope I helped a bit!

Is dennys always sad?

Denny's is a restaurant generally known for their breakfast meals. Because breakfast is rarely a topic to get sad over, no, Denny's is not always sad. Denny's is a corporation, not an emotion.

What kind of restaurant is denny's?

u can have breakfast lunch and dinner there u should try their french toast it really yummy!

Where is the Design House Restaurant located?

The Design House Restaurant is located in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England within the United Kingdom. The city is north of London. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night dining options according to their menu.

Can fully cooked breakfast sausage be stored in the refrigerator after being purchased frozen?

Yes, for just a couple of days. Use it up before then.

How much is an English breakfast in Bulgaria?

At 3 star hotel's restaurant around 10 euro. In 5 stars more costly!

Different terms of hotel and restaurant management?

There are different terms that are used hotel and restaurant management. Some of the common terms include bed and breakfast, full board, buffet and so many other terminologies.

For breakfast 70 apples and peaches were eaten altogether If there were 8 more peaches than apples eaten how many peaches were eaten?

39 peaches 31 apples

What is the best restaurant in Los Angeles?

Nat's Early Bite in the Valley - just search them on yelp and you'll see what I mean. BEST breakfast in the world if you love diner-style breakfast. I am completely serious and guarantee you will love it.

What are some restaurants in sugar land that start with e?

The Egg & I is a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Sugar Land, Texas. It begins with the letter E.

What items are on the menu at The Wolseley restaurant?

Located in London, The Wolseley restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as tea all day long. Some of the notable items on its menu include porridge and eggs benedict at breakfast, various salads, plats, and sandwiches for lunch, and entrees like salt beef and carrots and pork belly for dinner.