A round or oval opening in a bone?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: A round or oval opening in a bone?
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Round or oval opening through a bone?

Foramen. Foramina in the human body typically allows muscles, arteries, veins, nerves and other structure to connect the body.

What is a smooth round opening in a bone?

A foramen, which is a smooth round opening for nerves and blood vessels

What is the difference between the oval window and the round window?

The oval window is a membrane-covered opening between the middle and inner ear that transfers sound vibrations from the middle ear to the inner ear. The round window is another membrane-covered opening in the inner ear that allows for the dissipation of sound energy and equalization of pressure.

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Spinal cord passes through a large opening in the bone?

Occipital bone: The bone that forms the rear and the rear bottom of the skull. The occipital bone encloses a large oval hole called the foramen magnum that allows passage of the spinal cord.

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What are the shapes of orifices?

An orifice is a hole or opening that can be any shape. It can be round, oval, flat, a slit, square, triangular, jagged or any geometric shape.

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