A sentence with vertical

Updated: 10/1/2022
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My Favorite Dress Has Pretty Pink Vertical Stripes. (Color Can Be Changed)

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Q: A sentence with vertical
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The word vertical in a sentence?

All windows have a vertical side to them.

Can you give me a sentence using the word vertical?

The pencil was vertical to the ladder.

What is a alliteration sentence with vertical and vehicle in it?

The vehicles vexingly vroomed vertical in the vacuum

How do you use vertical climate in a sentence?

a baby chick vertical climate must stay in their mother's stomach.

What is sentence of vertical columns?

The phrase "vertical columns is a redundant phrase since columns by definition would be vertical.Sets of vertical columns rose 60 feet high and lined both sides of the walkway.

A sentence using the word longitude?

Longitude lines are vertical.

Can you give me a sentence using the word vertical integration?

A company may buy out it's supplier in a form of vertical integration.

How would you use verdical in a sentence?

I assume you mean vertical, not verdical.The rectangle has 2 vertical lines, and 2 horizontal lines.

How would you use the word vertical in a sentence?

In order to make the oragami box we had to fold them at vertical angles.You just used it in the question up there

How do you sentence diagram - my friend likes this puzzle?

Sentence diagramming the sentence, My friend likes this puzzle, will take a few lines drawn within the sentence. A vertical line should be drawn between friend and likes because likes is the verb. Another vertical line should be drawn between this and puzzle because puzzle is the noun. There should be a slanted line just below friend with the word my on it.

Where does the vertical line go between complete subject and complete predicate in the following sentence We always plant pumpkins?

Who is the woman in the dress ? I would put the line between woman and in to separate the complete subject and complete predicate.

How can you use vertices in a sentence?

I had to find all the vertices on the triangle.