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60. To find the answer multiply the number of cases by the number of boxes in each case.

15 x 4 = 60

2014-10-23 18:27:59
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So they do not fall out during shipment, VOTE :)

What contains thousands of boxes but can fit in your pocket?

the puzzle box

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5 of the other boxes, 3 contain only red pencils, 1 contains only black pencils, and 3 contain mixed pencils. I came to this answer with this formula: x=12- [(6-3)+(4-3)]

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400 of them.

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This is because, ice cream vendors add a very little amount of salt in the icecream or store them in boxes called ice boxes. This prevents melting and it allows the ice cream to be stable for a long time. Thank you Bloom

What is the screen element that contains command tabs?

The ribbon is the answer you are looking for, but some dialog boxes also have tabs on them.

A carton of crackers contains 12 boxes Each box of crackers contains 4 packages Each package contains 36 crackers How many crackers are in a carton?

12 * 4 * 36 = 1728 crackers

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Boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes are orbitals orbitals are boxes... the answer is electrons.

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Dunkin' Donuts does sell boxes of hot chocolate. Each box contains up to 24 cups of already made Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate.

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What is the VB6.0 toolbox?

The VB toolbox contains a set or pre-built components that can be selected and "drawn" (or dragged and dropped) on a form (a window or dialogue). The toolbox includes text boxes, image boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, command buttons, frames, file and folder controls, timers, OLE control and data controls, amongst others. You can also create your own re-usable controls.

Each case of cookies at a baking company has 27 boxes each box contains 9 cookies how many cookies are in each case?

27 boxes X 9 cookies per box = 243 cookies in a case.

How do you calculate the max number of boxes on a palett?

# of boxes height wise times the # of boxes width. If it is 5 boxes high and 5 boxes wide then you would have 25 boxes on that pallet.

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A collective noun for boxes is a stack of boxes.

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I have just received my order of 2x30unit boxes of fireball jawbreakers and 2 stash boxes which DO have tropical jawbreakers :) I'm not a greedy cow it's for party bags

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the answer is 96 because you have to add. There are 74 boxes of 22 books each, which equals 74 x 22 = 1628 books.