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Q: A shopkeepersold a pen for Rs13.20 to make profit of 10 percent in order to earn a profit of 15 percent he should have dold it for?
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How many percent should we add up the profit margin?


Is 10 percent the standard for overhead and profit?

It's probably 33 1/3 percent. Overhead - meaning rent, utilities & wages for employees takes a third. Replacing the items you sold takes a third. Your profit should also take a third.

Should you calculate the profit on cost or Sales?

We should calculate the profit on sales

How much per cent above the cost price should a shopkeeper mark his goods so as to earn a profit of 26 percent after allowing a discount of 10 percent on the marked price?

40 % markup. 1.40 - 10% (.14) =1.26 where 1.00 is 100% 26% profit

How many percent should an industrial partner will take from the company profit?

What type of a percentage an industrial partner will take from the company profit varies greatly depending on the type and size of the partnership. A partner might take up to 50% of the profit or might take less.

Which preposition should be used with the word PROFIT?

what peposition with word profit

Why should a company stay in profit?

because some company earn many profit and save some profit to use in the day of bad profit

What is a good profit margin for a hotel?

Preferably it should be be a few percent over what you could get for your money in a safer investment. Consider that you may be an employee there and being paid a decent salary. No? The facts. You asked - 9-12 percent. But of what?

Profit maximization versus wealth maximization?

what should be goal of a firm

Should companies discriminate in order to make profit?

No they should not.

Profit earned by selling an article for Ra 1060 is 20 percent more than the loss incurred by selling the article for Rs 950 At what price should be article be sold to earn 20 percent profit?

Profit = 20% of loss ð 1060 - C.P. = 120/100 (C.P. - 950) ð C.P. = 1000 ð S.P. = 120/100 x 1000 ð 1200 ans.

Should profit be considered a cost?

Profit is the difference between sales and cost as per formula; Profit = Sales - Cost So profit can never be considered as cost or revenue.

What is the difference between profit making accounting and not for profit making accounting?

The difference between profit making accounting and not for profit making accounting is, that question should answer itself! 8^0

How much profit should you make off liquor?

You should be able to make about a 75% profit. If you, as a business, paid $100, it could sell for about $175.

How much profit should you be making?

In a small enterprise, the gross profit varies from industry to industry. However, if you have a gross profit margin of around 305 of your total net sales, you should consider yourself to be lucky.

Should churches charge for non profit groups?


What should i do to increase my company's profit?

imagination imagination

What percentage profit should business make?


What percentage should a restaurant make in profit?


What should your profit be as a percentage of gross revenue?


How do you calculate trading profit and loss account?

you should type this in google: Trading, Profit & loss a/c Format It should be explained with all the examples given

Is accrued income effect Profit and Loss Account?

yes it do effect it should be credited in your profit and loss a/c

Should big banks profit from micro financing?

Banks are a business. They exist for the purpose of making a profit. That is what businesses do.

What is taxable profit?

TAXABLE PROFIT should be your NET PROFIT from your business operations because that would be that amount that would be subject to all of the different taxes that you would be liable for on your NET profit from your business operation.

How would you use the word profit in a sentence?

As a verb: If you pay attention, you can profit from others' experiences.As a noun: By the end of the month, we should start to show a profit from sales.