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Q: A single displacement reaction is always a redox reaction but a redox reaction isnt always a single displacement reaction?
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Are single displacement and double displacement reactions always redox reactions?

A single displacement reaction is always a redox reaction, buta double displacement reaction is not a redox reaction.

A single-displacement reaction is always a redox reaction but a redox reaction isn't always a single-displacement reaction.?

This is true -APEX

Is a redox reaction always a single-displacement reaction but a single-displacement reaction isn't always a redox reaction?

This is true -APEX

A single-displacement reaction and a double-displacement reaction are always redox reactions.?

Single displacement reaction and a double displacement reaction are redox reactions. apex- false

A single displacement reaction is always a redox reaction?

false for apex i think

Can a double displacement reaction also be a redox reaction?

Yes, a displacement reaction can surely be a redox reaction. Taking the example of chlorine and bromide ion. Chlorine oxidises a bromide ion making it bromine and bromide ion acts as a reducing agent forming chloride ion at the end of the experiment.

Is magnesium and hydrochloric acid an acid-base reaction?

No, it is a single displacement reaction. It can also be called a redox reaction. It is not an acid base reaction because although hydrochloric acid is obviously and acid, magnesium is a metal, not a base.

Different types of chemical reaction?

I believe there are 6... (I'm a chemistry major) Combustion, synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, and acid-base.

What is 2k 2H2O-2kOH H2?

It's a tpye of chemical reaction called a displacement reaction, it's alsoa redox reaction

What type of reaction is Mg and Cl2 gives MgCl2?

a displacement reaction, magnesium displaces hydrogen because it is more reactive

What type of chemical reaction classes always involve oxidation?

The combination of two elements (a metal and a nonmetal) is always a redox reaction.

A single reaction where oxidation and reduction take place is called?

a redox reaction